Yarn Scraps

Yarn Scraps

Because I’m a crunchy granola hippie who can’t seem to part with .. anything .. I’ve been saving yarn scraps for AGES.  We’re not talking those partial balls of yarn leftover from knitting socks, we’re talking the teeny balls leftover after I’ve taken the sock yarn leftovers to make a blanket, the bits cut off after weaving in ends, trimmed off pieces from a long-tail cast on, etc.  The leftovers of the leftovers.  I’ve kept a little yellow pail near my usual knitting corner that has slowly been filling up over the last few years I’ve been knitting.  It finally got to the point that even after squishing the contents down over and over, it wasn’t really fitting in the pail anymore and it was finally time to go ahead with an alternative use for the yarn scraps.

VOILA!  A yarn scrap ball for the birds.  Yep, really!  The scraps are mostly between 2-4 inches long and are perfect for birds to weave into their nests.  I started with a grapevine ball from Michael’s ($6.99) and stuffed it full of my yarn scraps.  I found a chunk of leftover ribbon (scavenged from a gift box at one point), weaved it around the metal support wires inside the ball, and hung it near the bird feeder in the back yard.  I can’t wait to see how it goes over with our backyard birds and I look forward to seeing some colorful bird nests!

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