GoodeBox – August 2014

GoodeBox – August 2014


I’m really kind of torn on this one!  There are two full-size lip products that I’m absolutely in love with, but I really don’t care about the other three samples.  I do realize this is the nature of subscription boxes, and while the two lip products more than cover the cost of the box, I really have little to no interest in the other three, so, meh?  The theme is playing off A Night For Green Beauty featuring luxury green brands.  Yeah.  I’m way too practical for luxury brands.  I don’t have a regular office job, so I have no reason to wear makeup every day, and fancy creams and exfoliators are just not something I use on a regular  basis.  I’m more of a soap-and-water and lip gloss only kind of gal.  I was sort of hoping that the GoodeBox would introduce me to  more practical products, and so far it’s been pretty good with that, with the exception of this month.  Also, silly foil packets again, argh!  Oh well, like I said above, the lip products are SO awesome, and I’m really happy about those, and that’s just the way subscription boxes go sometimes.  GoodeBox did switch up the product card this month and included little business cards for each product instead of one big card with checkboxes.  It makes more sense, and after last month’s product card errors, it’s probably much easier to pack in the card for each product than worry about proofing one big card.  I really like the new setup even if it does use  more paper.

  • Mun No. 1 Aknari Brightening Youth Serum – 20ml/$95 – the product card says one bottle should last 3-4 months which makes the price sting a little less, but it’s still not something I need or use.  I’m just not worried about skin brightness and wrinkles!  It will be fun to try, but not something I’d keep in my daily routine.  The scent is really nice, sort of musky and rosy, and a quick test on my hand shows it sinks in pretty quickly for being an oil and feels velvety smooth.  The card includes a 20% off code.
  • Province Apothecary Regenerating + Stimulating Exfoliator  – 120ml/$38 – This is a strongly lavender scented powder that you’re supposed to mix with water, skin cream, yogurt, or honey to make a sort of mask that you rub into your face for a few minutes.  I LOVE the scent and the idea that you blend it into another base based on your skincare needs.  I’ll have to give it a try with some honey and yogurt and see how it goes.  The card also has a code for 20% off.
  • Kahina Night Cream – 50ml/$109 – WAY too expensive.  Its main purpose seems to be anti-aging, and again, I really don’t care about wrinkles.  They’re going to happen whether I like it or not, so it seems easier to let nature happen instead of trying to fight it.  I’ll try it since I have the two silly foil packet samples, but I’d never, ever buy this.  There is a code for 20% off.
    EDIT – I tried this last night and the scent is SO nice, I really like it.  Shame it’s so expensive, but I sort of wish they bottled this scent as a perfume!
  • BeautyCounter Lip Sheer – 3.4g/$28 – Oh man I love this.  LOVE LOVE LOVE this.  The color (Plum) is a wee bit dark for summer, but it’ll be great for evenings and the fall/winter, and I may even buy the Currant color since it’s more the color I tend to use.  The color of the Lip Sheer is just dark enough to be seen, but light enough that it doesn’t overpower and the texture is rich and buttery.  The best of both gloss and color!  No coupon code, sadly!
  • Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss – 14oz/$15 – This is more like what I use on a regular basis.  I received the “Champagne” color which is the front swatch in the photo.  It’s a really light color that barely shows up, and it’s more about the shine/glitter instead.  The scent is really nice – lightly vanilla and fruity, and the gloss is shiny without being sticky.  The card also has a 20% off coupon.

So, there’s another month down.  Can’t wait to see what other folks got!

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