GoodeBox December 2014

GoodeBox December 2014


Another month, another Goodebox!  Pretty great box this month, good variety in products even though there’s a dupe product from the November Petit Vour (kinda.. it’s missing the concealer).

  • Aila Nail Polish – .5 oz / $17 – (sample is Full Size!)  The product card says full size is 2.5 oz, but .5 oz is the bottle size and I can’t imagine a 2.5 oz bottle of nail polish.  I’m not a big fan of gold (the color is “#likeaboss”) – I don’t even wear it for jewelery – so the color isn’t really my thing, but I tried it out and it covered right over my bright red polish in one coat which is pretty amazing.  It did grow on me throughout the day and wasn’t as not-me a color as I had originally thought.  It’s a 5-free polish which is awesome, but it’s also on the spendier end of the nail polish spectrum (Butter London is $15, Zoya is $10, LVX is $16).  There is a discount of 10% off your first purchase at Beautea Bar including Aila polishes.
  • Au Naturale Organic Eye Shadow Stick – .5 oz / $20 – (sample size is the same as the Petit Vour Box, so value of $3.10)  I received the color “Graphite” this time, so at least it’s not a total dupe!  I tried the one from the Petit Vour box the other day and it creased really badly in under 3 hours, so I’m less impressed with this than I had originally hoped.  The color is nice though (a steely blue grey), and I’ll have to see if I can help it out by layering some sort of translucent powder over to set it or something.  Same excess packaging (all that paper for one wee tube of eye shadow?) as the Petit Vour box, but the circle where the concealer should be was covered with a sticker that said, “All Au Naturale orders .. will include a Creme Concealer Sample.”  The box also includes the same 25% off coupon.
  • Balanced Guru Scrub Me Crazy – 9 oz / $40 – (sample size is 1 oz, value of $4.45) At first look, I thought something must’ve happened to the sample because the product isn’t like other scrubs I’ve used – it’s only a little moist and looks like a tub of brown sugar.  I expected something a little more oily?  Suspended in some sort of liquid maybe?  A quick search though and that looks like the right consistency.  It smells really heavily like spearmint which isn’t a favorite, but it’s nice and refreshing.  When added to water on your skin, a coffee smell blooms, but the scent left behind is spearmint.  It’s a rough scrub, so I used it right on the KP mess that is my arms (exfoliation followed by moisturizer is the best way to knock it back a notch) and it worked really well.  The skin feels noticeably  softer and I’ll cover up the mint with a body butter or something.  There’s a coupon code for 20% off all Balanced Guru products.
  • Shea Terra Organics Body Creme – 8 oz / $16 – (sample size is 1 oz, value of $2) When I first opened this, it smelled so good, like cakes and cookies (the scent is “Bourbon Vanilla”).  It’s AMAZING, and only SIX  ingredients!  It’s a rich, thick cream that sinks in quickly and isn’t greasy, and the littlest bit goes a very long way.  Applied over the Balanced Guru Scrub, it completely overpowers the mint and moisturizes very well.  I could definitely see getting these as gifts since the vanilla is such a great scent, not to mention pretty universally loved.  There’s a coupon code for 20% off too.
  • EcoJot Mini Notebook – 5×7 / $10 – (sample size is 3×4, value of $5, per ecojot website) As much as I hate paper, having a little notebook has come in super handy for genealogy research and taking notes when talking to family members.  I find I can jot down notes on paper faster than I can tap them into my phone if I don’t happen to have my laptop with me.  Also, for whatever reason, writing notes on paper feels more respectful than tapping away at a phone or laptop – somehow it still feels like you’re engaged in the conversation and not zoned out into a screen.  It’s a really great little notebook with a sturdy cover, and I’ll probably put a hair elastic around the bottom edge to keep it closed while jostling around in my bag.

Total value is around $32!  The Nail Polish alone just about pays for the cost of the box, so it’s a great value, and I LOVE the body creme and will use everything in the box!

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