2014 Blogging Year in Review

2014 Blogging Year in Review

Year in Review

Here goes!  Click through to the Full Report  from WordPress and you can see on the chart where I started Sepia Saturday because there’s a post  (almost) every Saturday.  Personally, 2014 was a rough year – the loss of my grandfather, husband’s uncle,  some uncertainty with  husband’s employment situation.  I guess that doesn’t sound like a lot of awful stuff, but it feels like it’s been a very off year, mostly because a lot of the difficult stuff happened VERY recently.  Focusing on the good, we had wonderful vacations in New Hampshire and Scotland, went to and worked a beautiful wedding, I had lots of photography jobs, and our dogs are still in good health for being 11 years old.  There was knitting and homebrew, family and friends, genealogy discoveries and visits with relatives near and far, raucous games of Cards Against Humanity and lots of laughter.

So, 2014?  It’s been swell, but here’s to a brighter 2015.

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