Sepia Saturday 260: Bikes, tents, music, hats, flags

Sepia Saturday 260: Bikes, tents, music, hats, flags


What a prompt to start the new year!  The photo has bunches of possible themes, but I went with another band photo that I’d previously posted about here.  The band in question is the Blain City Band from about 1917 as photographed by J. B. Bateman of Bellwood, PA.  Great grandma Olga labelled the photo in her later years with the approximate date and it would line up with her brother Alfred Herbert Powis right before he left for WWI.  Alfred Herbert Powis is likely the gent in the front, seated, with the full mask and trumpet.  We know he was a trumpet player and none of the other men look like him.  In his obituary, it’s noted,

Deceased was of a quiet and peaceable, charitable disposition and a great lover of home. He had numerous friends who mourn his untimely death, a death which was contracted in the service of his country. He gave his life in the defense of liberty and the preservation of a Christian civilization. Deceased was a member of Orpheus Band of Blain City until compelled by sickness to relinquish what was one of his chief delights. He was a member of the Loyal Order of Moose, Coalport Lodge No. 350; also a member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles, Patton Aerie No. 1244. The interment service of the Loyal Order of the Moose was conducted at the home.

He was a pretty busy fellow involved in a number of organizations.  He passed away on July 6, 1926 at age 33, allegedly having brought back some sort of illness from World War I.  His death certificate lists cause of death as Pulomary Tuberculosis.  The family kept a number of his posessions that we found recently in a box – notably his helmet and gas mask – and never quite recovered from his passing so young.  His wife, Goldie, never remarried either and the only child they had together  only lived for two days.  Pretty sad story to start the new year, but a great photo to share for the theme.



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