GoodeBox March 2015

GoodeBox March 2015


The GoodeBox for March has arrived!  This month’s box arrived in new packaging with a snazzy pink chevron design on the front edge of the box.  The box card goes on about how March brings spring and is a time for renewal, cleaning out closets, ditching old products in favor of clean products with better ingredients.  I was pretty pleased with the box!  That tube of conditioner is the big win of the box IMHO, but the other products are great too.

  • Seaweed Body Cream – 6 oz / $12.89 – (Sample is 1 oz, value of $2.15)  The body cream is unscented and goes on smooth, sinking in quickly and is perfect for hands.  It’s not greasy or sticky and moisturizes really well.  My only gripe is that the plastic on the bottle is a bit too sturdy to dispense the product through the flip/squeeze cap.  Not a big deal, just unscrew the cap and tap it on your hand to get at it, but it makes the flip cap kind of useless.  Still, really like the formula and ingredient list!
  • Acure Hair Mask – 4 oz / $14.99 – (Sample is 4 oz, Full Size!)  I couldn’t wait to try this!  I have curly hair that has a tendency to be dry and fragile.  I also bleached the ends and dyed them blue this year, so the ends have needed some extra TLC.  The formula is a little strange in comparison to other conditioners.. It feels.. Squeaky?  Most conditioners feel slick and creamy, and going on my hair, this really felt squeaky.  I’m not sure if that makes sense, but it didn’t help detangle very well (I finger comb in the shower and never use a brush or comb), and the scent is horrible.  It has a base medicinal smell that they threw peppermint at to try and hide (and failed).  Aside from the weird texture and scent, the product worked really well – well enough to not mind that it smells awful and feels weird.  My hair feels almost like it’s been plumped up and thicker with more volume and a heavier feel.  It didn’t weigh down the curls, just made the hair strands more robust.  Not sure how that works, but I like the end result!  The ingredient list is absolutely stellar – I’m so picky about the ingredients for products that go on my hair and this ticks all the boxes.. No SLS/ALS, no silicones, no sulfates.  I can definitely see myself buying this again.
  • Eslor Soothing Refiner & Cleanser – 4 oz / $14.99 – (Sample is .5 oz, value of $1.87)  I wasn’t a huge fan of the peeling gel from two boxes ago – it just didn’t seem like it did anything – but I actually really like this.  Another product with simple ingredients, aloe vera gel based, and it works up into a creamy lather  that cleanses well.  It’s actually a pretty reasonable price, and a wee little bit goes a long way, so it seems like an incredible value.  My skin didn’t feel tight or dry after, but clean and hydrated which was really nice!
  • Juice Beauty Conditioning Lip Color – .14 oz / $18 – (Sample is .14 oz, Full Size!)  Another full size product!  I really like the formula, but I’m not entirely sold on the color (pink).  It’s too light for me, and the glitter is not my style at all.  I appreciate a good shimmer lip product, but this looks too glittery vs shimmery.  It will work out just fine for warm summer days though, so it’s still something I’ll get use out of!  I do like how it feels on – creamy and smooth, not sticky.
  • Poppy & Elle Hair Ties – 5 / $6.99 – (Sample was 3 ties, value of $4.20)  I love these types of ties since they do less damage to  my hair and look cute hanging around on my wrist.  Being the DIY maven that I am, I can get a yard of elastic from here for 79 cents which makes 4 ties, so this isn’t a product that I buy, ever, because it’s WAY cheaper to make your own (you can make 5 ties for less than a dollar).  That said, it’s a nice addition to the box, and ‘tied’ in the new chevron design on the box to the product inside.  Clever and cute!  The pink one I gave to my favorite 8 year old since I don’t like pink and it’s her favorite color, but the other two are staying with me.

The final total comes to $41.21!  Really a great box when you consider that the Lip Color covers the cost of the box.  For me though, the big winner was the Hair Mask, but I’m pretty happy with the entire box!  Really jazzed with how the Goodebox has been going over the last few months, especially considering I was on the verge of cancelling not that long ago.  They’ve REALLY turned things around and the boxes have been very well suited to my tastes.  Looking forward to next month already!

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