Kloverbox August 2015

Kloverbox August 2015


My second Kloverbox has arrived at the very end of August.  It’s odd to have both August’s Kloverbox and September’s Goodebox arrive in the same week, but hey, that’s mail I don’t mind receiving!  A MUCH better box this month for me – I’m not entirely sold on the whole “detox” thing though.  The way I see it, unless there’s been an honest to goodness scientific study done on the ‘detox’ effects, it’s totally malarkey.  You ‘detox’ every time you breathe, sweat, go to the bathroom.. it’s a process your body does naturally, and products that claim to detox probably don’t do anything to remove “toxins” from your body since that really comes from the inside out, biologically speaking.  That said, these are still wonderful products just as they are, even if they don’t necessarily detoxify anything – using natural ingredients is definitely preferable in my opinion, and all of these fit that bill!

  • Angel Face Botanicals Super Detox Facial Cleanser – 2.3 oz / $13 – (Product is full size)  This may be my absolute favorite thing out of the box!  It dispenses in a thick grey cream thanks to the charcoal content and creates a creamy lather on the skin.  The scent is out-of-this-world amazing though, thanks to all the plant extract and oils, and I’d absolutely consider repurchasing this one just for the scent alone!  It’s basically my favorite bar soap in liquid form.
  • Jacq’s Organics Fancy Detox Cleansing Bar  – 3 oz / $6 – (Product is 2.5 oz, value of $5)  Yes, I checked the weight of the bar and it’s a half ounce short of the weight listed on the package.  While I haven’t tried this yet, it smells really lovely and contains all the ingredients I like to see in a soap and the charcoal gives it that lovely black color.  It almost smells a bit like anise but not overpoweringly – it’s scented but not extremely heavily.
  • Bedrock and Bloom Smart Ash – 1 g / $3 – (Product is sample size of 1 gram)  This was something completely new for me and I never knew anything like this existed.  Even though the ingredients list says it has orange peel extract and mint extract, it’s completely flavorless/scentless.  It does create a HUGE mess and will stain just about anything it comes into contact with.  I can’t say my teeth and mouth felt extrordinarily clean after using this – it’s so dirty just on appearance that it took multiple rinses to clear out the charcoal from  my mouth and I didn’t get that squeaky clean feeling I do with regular toothpaste.  I’m glad it was included  since it is such a different sort of product, but, it’s just not for me.
  • MyChelle Wrinkle Spot Treatment – .27 oz / $38.50 – (Product is full size)  I guess I’ve never been big on wrinkle-reducing treatments since they seem like a waste of money – time is going to catch up with you sooner or later and trying to delay the inevitable would be like trying to stop a freight train.  I don’t see the point (for me).  The product is in a rollerball tube that  goes on smooth and absorbs quickly.  I tried it on my forehead, and havent noticed any difference.  To me, those wrinkles are badges of honor for my expressive face showing just how often I’ve laughed, smiled, frowned, squinted, raised one eyebrow, etc.  Wrinkles aren’t a problem for me that needs fixing, but I’ll still go ahead and use this product to see if it works.
  • Traditional Medicinals Herbal Tea Samples – 16 bags / $4.99 – (Two bag sample, value of $.16)  I’m big into tea, so even if I don’t quite buy into the health benefits these teas say they have, I’m still going to use them!  It’s still summer though and not quite warm tea season, so I’ll have to report back on how I feel about them later.  The dandelion root tea is the most interesting to me becase the information online says it’s basically THE tea for the coffee lover since it’s darker and somewhat bitter.

Total value comes to $59.66 with over  half of that being the MyChelle wrinkle treatment.  There are a bunch of coupons inlcuded on the product card that expire at the end of the month or later, an improvement over last month’s box.  Overall though, I’m rather pleased with what arrived in this month’s box and am looking forward to the next one!

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