Kloverbox April 2016

Kloverbox April 2016


April’s Kloverbox arrived today (April 29th) just before the end of the month.  They had emailed about a week ago to let subscribers know the box would be a little late, and I appreciate that!  On the other side, I feel like this box is consistently late and misses being timely for the holidays or events they’re themed on – this month it was Earth Day themed which, Earth Day was last week, April 22nd.  Still, even with the lateness, it’s been a  great box, so I have a hard time faulting them for the lateness  when the contents are awesome (themed or not).

  • Love Snack Pouch  – set of 2 / $11.95 – (Full sized product)  AHH!  I love it.  It’s like they knew I needed something  like this.  Sometimes I’m out for photography jobs all day and need to stash a snack in my bag.  I hate using plastic baggies, so this is the answer to my situation, and I love the color they gave me, a simple navy and white stripe pattern.  I know these will be used right away!  They say they’re dishwasher safe, but it looks like they’re easy enough to clean out with sponge or towel quickly too.
  • Go Green Miracle Balm – 4 oz / $17.99 – (Full sized product)  We just had a very similar item in February, but balms like this are ones I use frequently (oh my poor dry skin), so I don’t mind to see the same product again so soon.  It doesn’t have much of a discernible scent, maybe faintly citrusy, which is fine!  It’s a rather solid balm, but it’s easy enough to scrape out a little with the top of my fingernail and smooth it on.  Just a wee pea sized amount covered my hands completely, so a little goes a long way, and it doesn’t feel greasy either.
  • Kali Organic Tampons & Wipette – 1 set / $3 – (Sample sized product)  I really don’t like getting feminine hygiene products in subscription boxes.  Hate it, even.  They can’t possibly know whether or not I have a period and what my hygiene preferences are, if I even can use tampons, and that’s just SUCH a personal thing.. I don’t know.  I have absolutely no use for these.  They’re apparently part of a subscription box for tampons and wipettes, but again, no use for that, so.. *sigh*
  • Goodnessknows Cranberry, Almond, & Dark Chocolate Snack Squares – 1 bar / $1 – (Full sized item) They’re delicious!  Looks like you can pick up an 18 count box for $21.50 on Amazon.com, which seems kind of expensive for a snack bar.  Still, the combination of ingredients is really delicious and I’m glad to have the chance to try them.
  • Preserve Razor – 1 set / $8.50 – (Full Size Product)  This was listed on the product card as a Kloverbox Overstock item, so it’s a little bonus from their back stock of products.  I had received this razor in another color from another box, but man, you can never have too  many razors.  I was just lamenting too that I needed a new one since the blade was going dull on the old one, so this actually comes in at just the right time.

The total of the box this month comes to $42.44 which is coming out to about average to low for this box which costs between $25 and $22.50 depending on subscription length.  It’s also a 5 item box instead of the usual four.  I’m really happy with the balm and snack pouch set, so the cost of the box is definitely covered.


  1. Kerri

    This box was not what I was expecting. The value was not there. It’s been lacking these past few months. I didn’t appreciate the tampons. The snack bar looked like a freebie. The overstock item I received was a joke. The balm was nice, but one product out of a whole box isn’t worth keeping up with the subscription.

    1. Sheetar

      I hear you. I’m on the fence too, but I did really like two of the items. But, the box has to work for you to be worth it and after a few boxes that don’t suit you, sometimes that decision to cancel has to be made. I’m going to stick with them a little while longer I think!

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