Sepia Saturday 348

Sepia Saturday 348

Our final (official) Sepia Saturday is this week and a new theme picks up again for 7 January 2017.  I thought, instead of a holiday dinner party that I might share this photo of folks I think are celebrating New Year’s – there are silly paper hats, and in a few photos, kisses being planted on some of the men!  They all look to be having a good time, even if I can’t recognize anyone in the photos at all.  I assume this is late 1940s or early 1950s based on the fact that they’re from my maternal grandmother and the photos in this set all appear to be taken right around that time.  I’m not quite sure who took the photos either – it could’ve been my grandmother or possibly her cousin, but again, it’s hard to tell since whoever held the camera didn’t show up in any of the photos!  They’re still a great set of pictures and I love the big smiles and joyful atmosphere.


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