Benevolent Beauty Box November 2016

Benevolent Beauty Box November 2016

Have I mentioned how behind I am on everything?  This is November’s Benevolent Beauty Box which did arrive on time as usual, I’m just late posting it.  There was a note in the box about excusing the appearance of the box, but it was just fine to me, but I appreciate the transparency!  Anyways, my mantra lately is Better Late Than Never, so here we go!

  • Ardency Inn Modster Long Play Lip Vinyl – .28 oz / $23 – (Full size product)  The color received is, “Studio Mix,” which is described as a melon base with orange reflect.  The applicator is an interesting shape, designed to fit the contour of your lips and delivers a crazy bright color payoff.  I’m definitely going to be using this next summer, but it’s a little bit too intense and bright for fall and winter I think.  It’s definitely leaps and bounds brighter than what I normally wear, but it’s such a fun color, I can’t resist.
  • Adamma 3D Mascara Kit – 1 kit / $50 – (Full size product)  I’ve never  used anything like this before, and I’ll admit to being pretty skeptical, especially with the high price tag for the set.  Basically, one tube is the mascara, and the other tube contains the fibers which consist of corn silk and cashmere (WHOA!).  The mascara goes on pretty thin and doesn’t plump or thicken really.  It’s meant more to be a glue for the fibers and allow you to look like you have longer lashes.  I’m happy to say, that even being the klutz I am with this kind of stuff, IT WORKED.  WOW DID IT WORK.  I have the teeniest little eyelashes ever, but one round of mascara/fibers/mascara was enough to make me look like I had put on false lashes.  The package says you can repeat the process as many times as desired, but really, once was enough for me (though I’m tempted to keep going till my eyelashes hit my glasses just because!).  So far, no irritation either since the ingredient list for the mascara is super simple.  I was worried about using the fibers near my eyes, but they didn’t seem to fall into my eyes at all.  Honestly really impressed with this!
  • Herbal Transdermal Mineral Toner – 8  oz / $15 – (Product is 2 oz, value of $3.75)  I love that this is an alcohol free toner, but the wintergreen scent is a huge turn-off since I don’t like mint outside of my toothpaste.  Fortunately, it’s not so strong that it lingers with the product on your face, and it does feel nice and refreshing.  The addition of tea tree oil makes it a great skin refresher after a long day or as a quick clean before makeup.  Also included was a coupon for a free bar of soap with any order over $40 on the Herbal Transdermal website.
  • Josie & Hue, The White – 2 oz / $20 – (Full size product)  I LOVE CLAY MASKS.  It’s such a great way to spend a little time on yourself and pamper your skin at the same time.  I haven’t gotten a chance to try this just yet, but on top of the regular clays, there’s coconut milk powder and cucumber peel extract, so this should be pretty refreshing!  They encourage the use of various carrier liquids to personalize the mask – everything from honey to oils, apple cider vinegar, milk, and witch hazel.
  • LaRitzy Matte Lipstick – .16 oz / $20 – (Full size product)  The color received is, “Karma,” which almost looks a little like a dusty rose, so I was a little bit worried about the color at first.  Happily, this goes on more like a warm toned cappuccino colored neutral and is super matte!  I’m definitely going to be wearing this color a lot this fall and winter since it’s so versatile.

The total value for the box comes to $116.75 which is phenomenal since the box costs $29.95 per month for a month-to-month subscription.  Hands down, my favorite item is the 3D Mascara Kit which I totally didn’t expect to love this much.  Really, the whole box is awesome and I’ll use everything, so this month is a big win in my book.  Looking foward to December’s box!

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