Goodbeing Winter Sale Box 2018

Goodbeing Winter Sale Box 2018

I usually jump on getting these Bonus boxes from Goodbeing since I’m not a regular subscriber but still like their cruelty-free model.   This box?   Not so great.   It claimed to contain between 8-13 items that have been included in member boxes over the past 18 months with a value of over $100.   I opted for the beauty box which was meant to contain a mix of makeup, haircare, and skincare products, and it arrived January 22, 2018.   *SIGH*   For starters, the Vapour gloss I received in the February 2016 box, the Juice Organics foil packets from April 2016, and the St. Tropica hair mask from September 2016.   But hey, at least I didn’t get yet another one of those seed bead bracelets!   The tally was 17 individual items, a total of 10 unique products, and a total value of $129.87, so it lived up to the value expectations, but some of the items are from so long ago and there are so many foil packets and duplicate items that I was left feeling kind of blah about this box.   Anyway, here’s the rundown of products – I won’t get into reviews since there are too many products to try all at once, but if you search back, you may find reviews since I’ve gotten half of these products in the past.   I doubt I’ll do another one of these boxes from Goodbeing if they’re still foisting off leftovers from two years ago that I already received from being a prior subscriber.   Super disappointing, Goodbeing.

  • Juice Organics Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner   Set of 2, 10 oz tubes / $24 (2 foil packet sample sets, total volume of 1.36 oz, value of $1.63 by volume)
  • B True Beauty All Natural Eyelash Enhancer – 1 tube / $59 – (Product is full size)
  • Vapour Plumping Lip Gloss   .13 oz / $24 (Product is full size)
  • Juice Organics Repairing Shampoo – 10 oz / $12 – (2 sample tubes at 1 oz each, value of $2.40 total)
  • Juice Organics Repairing Conditioner – 10 oz / $12 –  (2 sample tubes at 1 oz each, value of $2.40 total)
  • Alima Eye Pencil – 1.14 g / $18 – (Product is full size, discontinued color Indigo)
  • St. Tropica Coconut Hot Oil Hair Mask   6 pack  / $27 (Single size, value of $4.50)
  • Kahina Brightening Serum    30 mL / $72 (1 packet at about 3  mL each, approx value of $7.20)
  • Borika Mandarin+Cacao Body Scrub – 8 oz / $18.95 – (2 oz package, value of $4.74)
  • Ursa Major Face Wipe – 20 wipes / $24 – (5 wipes, value of $6)

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