Espionage Cosmetics Nexus January 2018

Espionage Cosmetics Nexus January 2018

The first Espionage Cosmetics Nexus shipments of the year have arrived!   The theme was, “Court of Fairies” and up above is the regular Nexus shipment.   Espionage Cosmetics recently launched a new Literary Nexus shipment, so you know I signed up for both because BOOKS.   But first, Standard Nexus!

  • Faerie Lace – On the top, with the tagline, “Woven with Magic,” these wraps are indeed woven with glow in the dark magic!   They’re a black lace design with little faeries in the corners, and they’re clear so you can use a colored nail polish underneath.   They’re so pretty and subtly nerdy, I just love them!
  • Neverland Fairies – I think it’s pretty obvious this means Tinkerbell!   And it’s absolutely precisely Tinkerbell.   I mean, how can you have a theme about Fairies and not include Tinkerbell, right?!   And, all that glitter, just as I’d expect from both EC and a nail wrap featuring that famous gal.

So, this is the Nexus Literary shipment also from January with the same theme.   Rightfully so, they include a bookmark that goes with the theme.

  • Wedded to Hippolyta – On the top with a quote by Puck from  A Midsummer Nights Dream, these Literary wraps are perrrrfect!   The text glows in the dark and I love how they mix in the text and artwork to create a full set of nail wraps.   Also, Shakespeare!   And a badass woman.   I wasn’t able to figure out what painting the non-text wraps came from, but it works with the text.
  • Peter and Wendy – “Made of Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust,” in another nod to  Peter Pan, these wraps feature a silver foil accent with silver glittery stars.   I just love the color palette on these with the dark blues and silver.   Pure magic!

So, that wraps up January’s theme!   I absolutely love all four nail wraps between the regular Nexus and the Literary Nexus.   I’m pretty sure my next manicure is going to be Neverland Fairies because it feels more and more like spring and that huge dose of glitter content is just the happiness I need in my life right now.   In case you’re thinking about subscribing, check out the link below!

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