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Sepia Saturday 411

Our Sepia Saturday theme image this week featured a woman on her wedding day in 1928 in Canada.   Well, fortunately, I have photos of a wedding in 1927 in Canada that line up pretty well!   Above, we have Bessie Melita Creber on the left and her mother, Mary Jane (Battin) Creber on the right.   Melita (or “Meta” for short, as it appears on the back of other photos) was born 1 August 1899 in Plymouth, Devon, England, daughter of Mary Jane Battin and John Samuel Creber.   Her family, along with two siblings, left England for a new home in Canada in 1911.   Meta is just a year younger than my great grandmother, and both their mothers were sisters who must’ve kept in touch over the years.   On 18 Jun 1927, Meta married Alfred Norman Harris in Montreal, Canada at the Trinity Memorial Church.   I’m not quite sure where these photos were taken, but it’s probably Alfred’s mother’s home in Montreal.   The couple appears to later have lived in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada where both Meta and her husband passed away in 1985 and 1969 respectively.

This also lines up with a previous Sepia Saturday posting (#233) where I posted a larger group shot of the wedding party.   It’s pretty great to find a match to the theme image so close in time and place, so I knew this had to be the one for this week!

Sepia Saturday 328


The prompt image for this week’s Sepia Saturday was a little difficult for me – I really have nothing quite like it, so I’m reducing it to the super basic idea of two women in a photograph.  Well, I have lots of those!  This photo has a label on the back and identifies someone I haven’t been able to sort out yet.  The back has a date, August 5, 1936, and then underneath in the shaky handwriting indicative of my great grandma’s older years, it says, “Mother & Aunt Poll Creber from Canada.”  Mother would be Jessie (Battin) Powis, but I’m not sure about Poll Creber!  I know Jessie’s sister, Mary Jane Battin, married John Samuel Creber in England and then went to Canada, but none of her kids are named Poll or Polly, and none of John’s siblings are named Poll or Polly or married a woman by that name.  There’s another photo of the same two people in a larger group apparently taken at the same time, and if I were a betting woman, I say that the “Poll” here is probably Mary Jane and Olga, as an older woman, couldn’t quite remember the details.  I checked the border crossing database on ancestry.com and didn’t see the family there.  If they visited and arrived by car, they wouldn’t have been recorded at the border crossing in the 1930s unfortunately – it was just arrivals by sea or train.  But, based on the other photo, I think I can be pretty sure this is Mary Jane, and perhaps she went by the nickname Poll or Polly, but I hadn’t seen reference to that nickname until now.  So, I think I might have sorted out this little mystery today!