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One Local Summer 2015 – Week 4


Another wonderful week of local food!  We’re getting some awesome vegetables ripening, and strawberries are ready for picking.  We’re probably a week ahead, even after the very long, late winter, mostly thanks to a TON of rain in April and then three weeks of full sun.  We could use the rain now though, but it isn’t stopping our local providers from having some great food for us to enjoy.  Husband and I worked together on this one – he did the main plate and I worked up the salad.  We have a pork butt steak cooked on the grill, rubbed with maple sugar, salt, and pepper and marinated in malt vinegar.  Then there are carrots with a touch of maple syrup, another chunk of homemade gouda with milk from a local farm, and cucumbers in vinegar with salt and pepper.  In the salad, we have DELICIOUS strawberries over a bowl of mixed greens and snap peas, dressed with an olive oil, wine, and homemade vinegar dressing.  To finish things off, there’s a glass of homebrewed peach ice wine.

Port Butt Steak – Countrytime Farm
Cucumbers – Jack’s Farm
Carrots – Jack’s Farm
Cheese – Milk from Birchrun Hills
Strawberries – Charlestown Farm
Mixed Greens – Jack’s Farm and Charlestown Farm
Snap Peas – Jack’s Farm
Maple Syrup – Miller’s Maple
Maple Sugar – Miller’s Maple
Wine – Paradocx Barn Red
Non Local – Salt, Pepper, Homemade vinegar, Homebrewed peach ice wine, olive oil

One Local Summer 2013 – Week 21


I got really behind on getting posts up during busy November and December, but, better late than never (I seem to be really good at the late).  Husband prepared this one as sourced from the market at the Mill at Anselma.  The ribeye was cooked on the grill and topped with blue cheese, carrots cooked with some maple syrup, and the soup simmered all day.  It was absolutely incredible and very filling, finished off with a glass of cold cider.

Ribeye with Salad and Potato Leek Soup:
Ribeye – Bendy Brook Farm
Carrots – Maysie’s Farm
Salad greens – Maysie’s Farm
Maple Syrup – Miller’s Maple
Blue Cheese – Birchrun Hills
Potatoes – Maysie’s Farm
Leeks – North Star Orchard
Celery – Maysie’s Farm
Cider – North Star Orchard
Non Local – salt, pepper, salad dressing

One Local Summer 2013 – Week 19


Husband is back at cooking and made this simple but delicious meal in no time flat.  We’d had the chorizo in the freezer, so after that defrosted, he browned the chroizo, stuffed it into big red peppers, sliced some cheese on top, and set it in the oven until the peppers were soft and the cheese was bubbly.  I REALLY love this cheese (Equinox) for topping food that goes in the oven – it crisps up really nicely and doesn’t melt too far all over the place.  On the side, for desert, is a bowl of sliced asian pears drizzled with maple syrup and warmed up just a bit.  WOW was that a winning combination.  Plus, this week, only local ingredients!

Chorizo Stuffed Peppers:
Chorizo – Countrytime Farm
Peppers – North Star Orchard
Asian Pears – North Star Orchard
Cheese – Birchrun Hills
Maple Syrup – Miller’s Maple

One Local Summer 2011 – Week 16


Okay, there’s always a bit of summer where I fall apart and neglect posting these to the blog. They’re all cooked and whatnot, but between guests and vacations, things fall by the wayside. Anyway, I’m finally catching up, and need to do a little bit of get-ahead in preparation for the upcoming vacation to Scotland (WOOOHOO!). So, I’ll still be covering all the weeks, just not cooking while we’re not in the country, but still cooking for one meal a week. Not sure that made sense! This one was a lazy breakfast but was still super delicious. Pancakes from an old favorite recipe, and bison bacon that turned up to be WOW DELICIOUS. Pretty simple, but really satisfying.

Pancakes and Bacon:
Yogurt – Shellbark Hollow Farm
Egg – Mountain View Organics
Whole Wheat Pastry Flour – Mill at Anselma
Bison Bacon – Backyard Bison
Maple Syrup – Miller’s Maple
Non Local – Baking Soda, Baking Powder, Salt, Sugar

OLS: Week 12


We had a sort of hectic week, but I still managed to get a local meal in.  There was a party at the house last night, and I managed to get up in the morning and throw together some pancakes (quickly becoming a favorite around here) with some fresh plums from the farmer’s market.  Ingredients are the same as Week 9, but with no blackberries this time.  The plums were sliced and plopped on the griddle to warm up, then put in a bowl with some maple syrup and cinnamon while the pancakes were being made.  The tartness of the slightly under-ripe plums worked really well with the sweetness of the maple syrup and the whole thing was just plain delightful, receiving rave reviews from the guests who stayed over for the night.  Non-local ingredients include cinnamon, baking soda, baking powder, salt, and sugar.
Whole Wheat Pastry Flour – Mill at Anselma
Egg – Mt. View Organics
Goat’s Milk Yogurt – Shellbark Hollow Farm
Plums – North Star Orchard
Maple Syrup – Miller’s Maple