One Local Summer – Week 23


Here’s where I admit that we were a few days late getting this one done, but I’m catching up! This is a local version of Shepherd’s Pie using ground beef and local vegetables. It’s a really simple comfort food to make, easy to put together, bake, and voila! Local dinner. No real recipe on this one, just brown the beef, add vegetables, top with mashed potatoes and bake in the oven at 350 for about 30 minutes.

Shepherd’s Pie:
Ground Beef – Bethany Farm
Radish – Maysie’s Farm
Onion – Maysie’s Farm
Carrots – Maysie’s Farm
Potatoes – Smith’s Produce
Non-Local – Olive Oil, Spices.

One Local Summer – Week 22


The husband decided that we ought to use up some ground bison and make his own special on-the-fly version of Italian Wedding Soup. This was a collaborative effort, and what we came up with is absolutely incredible. It’s far from traditional, but it was incredibly delicious and definitely something that will be made again. We had made chicken wings the night prior (boil wings, then throw on grill to crisp) so we had the chicken stock on hand already. Other than that, the recipe is below, feel free to print, use, and enjoy!

Italian Wedding Soup:
Bison – Backyard Bison
Red Onions – Maysie’s Farm
Garlic – Maysie’s Farm
Egg – Mt View Organics
Bread – LeBoon’s Homemade
Cilantro, Sage, Basil – My Garden
Carrots – Maysie’s Farm
Potatoes – Smith’s Produce
Chicken Broth – Boiled down from Mt View Organics wings (Tuesday Night’s dinner!)
Non-Local – Salt

Italian Wedding Soup Print Print

Ingredients – Meatballs Ingredients – Soup
1 lb ground bison 10 cups Chicken Broth (from 2lbs chicken, boiled)
2 cloves garlic, minced 2 Small Red Onions, Diced
1 egg 2 Carrots, sliced
1 slice Italian Bread, crumbled 8 Small Potatoes, cubed
Cilantro, Sage, Basil to taste 1 tsp Salt
12 large leaves of Spinach, chopped

  • Preheat oven to 350F. ┬áBreak egg into bowl, add bison, garlic, crumbled bread, and spices, mix together well with hands.
  • Roll into 1″ round meatballs, place on greased cookie tray and bake in oven for 20 minutes.
  • Heat broth on medium-high in large stock pot.
  • add onions, carrots, potatoes, and salt and simmer while meatballs are cooking.
  • Add meatballs to pot and simmer for 15 minutes.
  • Add spinach and simmer until wilted.
  • Top with your favorite grated cheese and enjoy!
  • Makes approximately 14 1-cup servings
  • DSC_4482

    One Local Summer – Week 20


    Pumpkin, again. Yeah when I get on a kick, I get on a kick, but at least here there are plenty of other ingredients involved. The recipe took a lot of searching – I wanted to use both bison and this little Long Island Cheese Pumpkin I brought home last week. Finally, I came across a recipe for Potato Topped Beef and Pumpkin Casserole which ended up being the perfect recipe to use for my new little casserole dish. Naturally, there were a few modifications. I didn’t have any carrots, so I used turnips instead. Left out the beef stock cube, and used three types of potatoes. The pumpkin makes for a great base, but the sweet pumpkiny flavor is mostly lost in the recipe – I suppose this works out okay, since the flavors all run together well, but I was expecting more smack-you-in-the-face pumpkin. Still, it’s delicious, and VERY much edible.

    Oh and if you’re curious, the dish comes from Karin Lorenc on etsy.

    Potato Topped Beef and Pumpkin Casserole:
    Bison – Backyard Bison. Sirloin
    Flour – Mill at Anselma. Bread Flour
    Onion – North Star Orchard
    Turnip – Maysie’s Farm
    Long Island Cheese Pumpkin – Smith’s Produce
    Red Wine – Paradocx. Barn Red
    Sweet Potatoes – Brogue Hydroponics
    Purple Potatoes – Unknown Vendor at Anselma
    White Potatoes – Brogue Hydroponics
    Non-local – Olive Oil, spices

    One Local Summer – Week 19


    Well it’s feeling more like fall and there were some GREAT squash and pumpkin choices available at the Anselma Market this week. I stopped by the Smith’s Produce booth and found a funny green pumpkin that I was told was a Kabocha pumpkin. The producers even had a recipe ready for Kabocha pumpkin soup, so the inspiration belongs to them! Going back to one of my favorite food blogs, I found a recipe for Pumpkin Soup with Smoked Paprika. Sadly we didn’t have smoked paprika on hand, but we did have the regular kind. I’m sure the smoked variety would’ve added an extra kick, but this turned out just fine. I left out the cream since I couldn’t find any locally, but the one cup of goat’s milk created the texture I was looking for. Also, I’d be LOST without our immersion blender – it got a solid work-out with this recipe and did a fine job. I added on some grilled cheese to make this dinner and sprinkled some chevre and the toasted seeds from the pumpkin on top of the soup.

    Pumpkin Soup with Grilled Cheese:
    Kabocha Pumpkin – Smith’s Produce
    Onion – North Star Orchard
    Garlic – North Star Orchard
    Apple – Unknown Vendor at Anselma (forgot to grab the name!)
    Goat’s Milk – Shellbark Hollow Farm
    Sage – My Garden
    Bread – Saint Peter’s Bakery. Whole Wheat
    Yogurt Cheese – Farmstead Fresh
    Non-local – Butter, Paprika, Cumin, Salt