November Knitting Wrap-up

November is gone and it’s time to update on the knitting resolutions.

3. Knit one pair of socks per month

Socks Plain Old Socks
Pattern: None – plain Stockinette socks
Designer: Me?
Needles: US 1 (2.25mm)
Yarn: My Handspun from dkKnits Superfluff roving in, “Shooting Star”
Ravelry Project Link
I had so much fun spinning up the yarn and then knitting the socks.  The yarn is a basic fingering weight yarn that was spun on my SpinOlution Mach I and then navajo plied.  I broke the yarn at the heel and started from the other end of the ball so that the color progressions on the leg and instep would be continuous.  Yeah, it’s a few more ends to weave in, but.  Look at that!  Becky always does such a fabulous job with colors.

4. Spin four ounces of roving per month.
See above – the yarn was finished spinning about mid month.  Then it jumped in front of everything and decided to become socks.

 2. Knit two sweaters this year.
Still working on this. I really hope to be done with the second by the end of the month, but I’m just not sure that will happen.

I’m really looking forward to January so that I can post a big follow-up to this year’s resolutions and set another batch for next year. There are going to be some good ones, I can just feel it. Also looking forward to lining up all 12 photos of socks from this year and patting myself on the back a whole bunch of times. Speaking of which, I should probably start the pair for this month, huh?

August Knitting Wrap-up

I’m actually on time!  Back again to the Knitting Resolutions..

3. Knit one pair of socks per month

DSC_3981 >Handspun Wanida
Pattern: Wanida
Designer: Cookie A.
Needles: US 1 (2.25mm)
Yarn: My own Handspun
Ravelry Project Link

I’m fiercely proud of these.  The handspun is a superwash BFL by Twisted Fiber Art that I spun as part of Tour de Fleece.  It knitted up and wears absolutely beautifully.  Even though there’s a jog in the color change for the heel, I still like how they came out and worked with the pattern.  Knitted up quick and those colors are just spectacular!

4. Spin four ounces of roving per month.
We gots your spunroving right here. This is 632 yards of fingering weight yarn that was started during Tour de Fleece and finished up in August. When I realized I had 632 yards, I figured it was way more than 4 ounces to begin with, so I’m saying it’ll count for August. It’s navajo plied and is a merino roving that was found at Maryland Sheep & Wool festival this year. We had a dye day not too long ago and I dyed this at the event. Love the way it came out and now I have to find something that will use the whole batch of yarn.

Still making progress on that sweater, but as the year is already half-over, I’m not sure if I’ll actually complete all my resolutions and goals.  Well, there’s always next year, right?

June and July Knitting Wrap-up

I guess this is becoming a bi-monthly thing instead of a monthly update.  We’ll re-visit the Knitting Resolutions.

3. Knit one pair of socks per month
Did it again. Seven pairs so far (well Eight if you count the ones I’ve already finished for August), and I can’t wait to get to December and post all twelve of them in one big post.

DSC_3970 DSC_3964
Rare Monkey Gems Jupiter Lava Socks
Pattern: Monkey Pattern: Hey Jupiter
Designer: Cookie A. Designer: Liz Abinante
Needles:  US 1 1/2 (2.5mm) Needles: US 1 (2.25mm)
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Lightweight – Rare Gems Yarn: dkKnits Technicolor Smoosh Toes
-Ravelry Project Link- -Ravelry Project Link-
These knitted up in FOUR DAYS.  Four days.  I had the pattern memorized after one repeat and it was so simple yet beautiful, I’m positive these won’t be my last monkey socks.  The rare gems came from Rhinebeck last year and I just LOVE how the colors pooled up. This was the sock of the month from Yarn4Socks.  After a false start (too tight to fit over my heel), I added four stitches in and they worked out perfectly.  I did an extra repeat on the leg since there was plenty of yarn.  The color is FANTASTIC and the pattern was super fun to knit.

4. Spin four ounces of roving per month.
Well I got eight ounces in one month? Does that count? I decided to go ahead and put away the knitting for a month and spin along with Tour de Fleece, a yearly spinning event that takes place during the Tour de France. Well I spun my little feet off and ended up with two finished skeins and one half-spun chunk of roving.

DSC_3403 This merino/tussah roving was from dkKnits and is spun up to laceweight, 789 yards.  I think maybe this is why I only completed two skeins during Tour de Fleece!  It spun up delightfully soft and squishy and I just love how the colors came out.
DSC_3401 This is a roving from Twisted Fiber Art and is the Brilliant Roving (superwash BFL) in the colorway, Blaze.  It spun up to fingering weight and came out to 420 yards.  I’ve already knitted up a pair of socks with this and they are AWESOME if I do say so myself.  An absolute delight to spin and knit, definitely a roving I’ll be working with again.

And I think that’s about it.  I haven’t really made any more progress on the other goals, and should probably get started on that considering the year is well over half done.   🙂

April and May wrap-up

Hah, I knew at one point during the year, I’d miss a month or get lazy or even give up completely on the resolutions.  So far, though, doing okay, and still chugging along.

Going back in time to January again for the knitting resolutions..

2. Knit two sweaters this year
Started one. It’s tough knitting a sweater in the summer. I had a big rush of excitement when I started, gushing over the gorgeous color, dyed by Becky of dkKnits and then set it aside about 30% of the way down the body to do socks and lace and other fun summer type projects.

3. Knit one pair of socks per month
Got both of those!

IMG_3881 DSC_1344_edit
April – Blue Angee Socks May – Twisted Devon Socks
Pattern: Angee Pattern: Devon
Designer: Cookie A. Designer: Cookie A.
Needles: US 1½ / 2.5 mm Needles: US 1½ / 2.5 mm
Yarn: Malabrigo Yarn Sock, colorway, “Impressionist Sky” Yarn: Twisted Fiber Art Kabam! in colorway, “Terrain”
-Ravelry Project Link- -Ravelry Project Link-
These were finished just in time to go to Stitch n’ Pitch with the Phillies.  Sadly, we were soundly beaten by the Nationals, but the socks told me that they didn’t mind.  The pattern is from Cookie A’s new book, Sock Innovation, and I’m absolutely in love with all of the patterns.  This one was pretty simple, but with a great effect.  And the yarn!  There’s a reason why we call it MMMmmmmmmalabrigo.  Squishy, Yum. Another entry from Cookie A’s Book.  Both the yarn and the pattern came together to produce an absolute delight to knit and wear, even if one sock somehow tricked me into knitting an extra repeat on the leg.  I’d go back and rip the longer top down to match the shorter one, but there’s a cuff-to-leg transition set of stitches that I wouldn’t be able to do if I knitted back up the cuff.  So, we’re going to call them unique and leave them as they are, unmatched and beautiful.

4. Spin four ounces of roving per month.
My poor wheel has been feeling woefully neglected. I did get my 4oz for May though.

DSC_1417 Corriedale from Maisy Day Handspun in colorway, “Water Lily.”  I never really liked corriedale, until now.  I got my hands on the raw roving in the past and did a little nose wrinkle – scratchy.  It’s not merino.  But, after it’s spun up and plied?  Not so bad.  I probably still wouldn’t make a scarf out of it, but it’s pretty and squishy and I rather enjoyed spinning it.  It clocks in at 285 yards and is about sport weight.


And that’s the wrap-up for the last two months of acheiving resolutions.  There has been more knitting, of course, that I haven’t detailed here, but with the garden growing, the lawn needing mowed, and a whole host of fun outdoors stuff to do in the lovely weather we’ve been having, knitting has mostly taken a back seat to a lot of seasonal things to do.