Goodebox February 2015

Goodebox February 2015


February already and that means a new Goodebox for the month.  The card in the box says that with Valentine’s Day approaching, we should also focus on self love and taking care of ourselves and the box really plays that theme out well!  Before even reading the card, it struck me that all the products are about caring for your face and body – a calming and relaxing sort of theme, so, well played, Goodebox!  On to the contents..

  • Ellovi Tinted Lip Butter – .15 oz / $5.00 – (Full size, value $5.00)  I received this in the September 2014 Petit Vour, but even though it’s a repeat, it’s a welcome repeat!  They changed their labelling from .07 oz to .15 oz, and either way, both tubes are the same volume, so I’m not sure why they were labelled differently.  Though it doesn’t have a scent, it does smell a little like vegetable oil and not really in a good way.  It’s subtle and isn’t enough to really stink or make me stop using it because it moisturizes so well and adds just the right amount of light tint.
  • Lotus Moon Hydro-Therapy Eye Serum – 10 mL / $27.95 – (Full size, value $27.95)  I wasn’t initially thrilled by this because my eyes are so sensitive, but after reading the ingredients, I was sold!  Really an incredible ingredient list with organic and basic ingredients – no weird chemicals.  I’ve already given it a try and love how it feels going on (cooling/soothing).
  • Real Beauty for a Cause Lotion Bar – 1 bar / $9.99 – (Full size, value $9.99)  A THIRD full size product?!  I’ve been using lotion bars for a few years already, so I’m no stranger to how great they are.  These are perfect for stuffing in a purse and won’t leak like a tube of hand lotion.  I’ve never used them in the shower before (oil and water don’t mix, so that doesn’t sound like it would work well), but lotion bars do work great on my hands or on really dry spots on my legs for a big moisture boost.  This one feels greasier than others I’ve used probably from the coconut oil.. I don’t think this will knock out my go-to lotion bar from my bag, but it is really fun to try.
  • Wild Honey Apothecary Pumpkin Cacao Honey Mask – 2 oz / $22.00 – (Sample is about .3 oz, value of $3.30)  It’s a teeny sample, but it’s enough for two or so applications, enough to see how it works.  The honey scent overwhelms the pumpkin and cacao, but the honey alone smells nice, so it doesn’t matter.  I haven’t yet tried it, but I’ll report back with an update when I do.  It sounds weird, using sticky honey on your face, but I’ve tried it before (adding honey to the Province Apothecary sample from the August 2014 Goodebox actually worked really well), so I have high hopes for this one.
  • MSC Skin Care Scent 003 Soy Candle – 8 oz / $38 – (Sample is .9 oz, value of $4.30)  It smells like a musky, rich jasmine.  Really great for a relaxing spa candle.  I figure I’m going to light it in my work space to keep me mellow while I have to work at the computer.  I’m not usually big on floral scents, but the richness from the myrrh and cedarwood tone it down enough that I don’t mind the jasmine so much!
  • MSC Skin Care Scent 002 Parfum – 35 mL / $50.00 – (Sample is 1 mL, value of $1.50 or same size sample for $3 on various websites)  The vanilla really takes center stage on this and it’s enhanced by the sandalwood with the lightest touch of floral sweetness.  It works really nicely on my skin and with my body chemistry and I’m really happy with the scent.  Scents are such a personal thing, so it’s nice to have one work out great for me!

Overall, I was really pleased with the box!  I’ll use everything,  and am really happy to be introduced to the brands that are new to me.  The total value for the box is around $53 which is a really incredible value and includes three full size products!  Gotta love that.  Well done, Goodebox!!

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