Goodebox June 2015

Goodebox June 2015


Another month, another Goodebox!  It arrived within the first week of the month (yesterday, June 3rd if we’re keeping count) which is great.  It feels like a pretty substantial box this month at first glance – 5 products, three of which  full-size.   I’m really rather happy with this one!  No pink nail polish, but a lovely nude color along with some really fabulous basics instead of bizarre niche products.  They nailed the selection for the MyChelle product, and it’s a company I’ve come to love through Goodebox.  Anyway, before I go on too much, on to the contents!

  • Lillian Eve Nail Polish – .5 oz / $12 – (Sample is full size)  I received the color, “Nothing But Nude,” which is this really lovely basic neutral tan color.  I’d been wanting a nude/neutral for a while, and somehow Goodebox nailed it!  For a five-free polish, it’s on the more affordable end of the spectrum (for the same size, Butter is $15, Lauren B is $18, Aila is $17).  For being such a light color, it really did cover in two coats, while three made it super opaque, and is enough to look like there’s polish there without being some crazy wild color (I dig crazy wild colors, but not all the time).  It dries quickly and feels durable which I’m surely going to put to the test this week while digging in the garden.  Big fan of this  nail polish, so glad it was included!
  • MyChelle Clear Skin Serum – 1 oz / $33 – (Sample is full size)  The formula is for Oily skin and Blemish Control which, while my skin my not be all that oily, I still get pimples, so it works for me.  The ingredient list includes a base of Witch Hazel with plant extracts, clay, tea tree oil, and all kinds of vitamins.  It pumps out as a clear gel that has a bit of an alcohol smell.  Goes on smooth, but feels a little sticky when dry.  This is probably something I’d put on before bed on a clean face for maximum effect.
  • Red Flower Wanderlust Hand + Face Towelettes – Pack of 7 / $5 – (Sample is full size)  I’m not super huge into these type of towelettes, but with it being summer, I can see these being useful for a quick freshen-up on my face to clear off sweat ick if I’m out in the sun all day.  The scent is AMAZING and so totally me – it’s woodsy and warm, with a neat balance between resiny and musky.  The towelette is thick and doesn’t fall apart, nor does the liquid feel sticky or drying.  I couldn’t find a full ingredient list though, not even on the company website which is a little bothersome, especially if I’m going to be using it near my eyes.  In fact, I couldn’t even find this specific product on the website at all, but they do have a Blood Orange scent which is in my top three favorite scents.  These are probably going into my everyday bag to keep on hand for hot and humid summer days.
  • Odacité Intensive Hand + Heel Treatment – 4 oz / $39 – (Sample is .5 oz, value of $4.88)  The product card says this is good for severely dry, cracked, and coarse skin.  That fairly accurately describes my hands and feet during the summer.  I go barefoot most of the summer (unless I have to wear shoes), and am digging in the garden, doing yard work, projects outdoors, etc all summer long, so this is the perfect timing to include a product like this!  It squeezes out of the sample container easily as a thick cream and smells a little citrusy and minty.  A little bit goes a long way, and just a pea sized amount massaged cleanly into my heel.  My calloused heels immediately felt softer.  While it’s a pretty pricey product, it does work and a little bit goes a good long way, so I could see that 4oz full sized tub lasting a LONG time.
  • Vapour Clarity Makeup Remover – .98 oz / $32 – (Sample is .21 oz, value of $6.86)  I don’t currently have any makeup on, so I’ll have to give this a try and report back later.  Price-wise, it’s a pretty good sized sample for something that’s kind of expensive.  The ingredient list includes only oils, so it’s completely safe to use around eyes.  I suppose it’s a lot like the Meraki sample from last month’s box, but at just over 3  times the price.  I’ll have to update this review once I get a chance to use it, but I’ll admit here that I loved the Meraki oil so much that I placed an order for a replacement already!

Overall value of this box is $61.74 which is INCREDIBLE for Goodebox.  The majority of the value comes from that MyChelle serum, so I’m a really happy  gal this month.  Looking forward to trying out the Vapour Makeup Remover sample hopefully later this week and will post an update here once I’ve given it a go.  Looking forward to next month already!

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