Goodebox July 2015

Goodebox July 2015


July’s Goodebox just arrived this week, and I’m finally getting around to posting  about it.  Really a great box, and a near perfect fit!  The only thing I rhave no interest in is the self tanner and would’ve preferred getting the mascara other folks got in their boxes over the tanner.  I don’t tan on purpose (naturally/chemically/tanning bed) ever, and I find pale to be a naturally lovely shade.  Work with what you’ve got!  Anyway, the Sunstick is absolutely brilliant, the facial scrub is great, I’m already a huge fan of Yarok, and the toner is non-alcohol based, so those are all big wins in my book!

  • Acure Brightening Facial Scrub – 4 oz / $9.99 – (Sample is full size!)  I was a little skeptical at first – brightening scrub?  I’m a pretty fair shade to start with, if I go brighter/lighter, I’ll end up transparent!  I’m not sure I completely buy claims like this anyway, so taken at face value as just a scrub, it’s a really great product with a fantastic ingredient list that doesn’t include sulfates, petroleum products, and is cruelty free.  It’s a thick paste that almost looks like really chunky pesto and smells minty and botanical (but not overpoweringly so).  It exfoliates well but isn’t as coarse as a sugar or salt scrub which makes it suitable for regular  use, especially for someone with dry, thick skin.  The price point is reasonable as well and may make this a new go-to for face scrubs.
  • Yarok Feed Your Shine – 1 oz / $26.40 – (Sample is .3 oz, value of $7.92)  I’m already a huge fan of Yarok, so this product is perfect.  The small, 10 mL dropper bottle feeds out drops of a blend of all kinds of oils, perfect for dry summer hair.  The oil is pretty strongly scented, and smells, “Green,” for lack of a better term – fresh and woodsy, but not musky.  A few drops on my second day hair ends brings them back to life and makes them glossy and manageable again.  LOVE this product so much.
  • SunTegrity Self Tanner – 5 oz / $36 – (Sample is .25 oz, $1.80, or $1.95 on website)  I’m not into tanning.  I never go out of my way to get, “color,” ie, skin damage.  Same applies to self tanner – it’s just another way to make your skin look damaged and promotes the idea that getting a summer tan is good for you when it’s absolutely not.  This one is beet color based which is interesting, but it comes out as a jaundice yellow color on my skin.  It doesn’t smell chemically though and goes on smooth and even feels moisturizing, but this product totally missed the mark for my preferences.
  • All Good Coconut Sun Stick – .6 oz / $7.99 – (Sample is full size!)  I am THE WORST about applying sun screen.  You’d think, after my rant above about tanning and skin damage, that I’d be THE poster child for sunscreen.  I’m not.  I should do better, and do put on sunscreen  if I know I’m going to be out in the sun between 10am and 4pm, but sometimes a quick 15 minute weeding session to create some Vitamin D runs over and before you know it, burnt.  Or, you go out to a festival and realize forgot the sunscreen at home.  No more excuses!  This is such an easy product to stash in a bag and cover your face and arms quickly without chemical blockers.  The active blocker is zinc (physical blocker) which is great!  Plus, it smells deliciously like coconut, is cruelty free, and contains a bunch of wonderful waxes, oils, and butters that are good for your skin.  While it says it’s not waterproof, I found that it stayed in place while sweating when mowing the lawn due to the waxes.  It still washed off easily with soap and water though, and can’t melt/leak in my bag which makes this the perfect to-go sunscreen solution.
  • Angel Face Botanicals Grace Antioxidant Facial Toner – 9 oz / $32 – (Sample is 1.2 oz, value of $4.27)  A toner that isn’t alcohol based?  AWESOME.  Not a single alcohol in the ingredient list.  Aloe juice seems to be the carrier liquid, and the product smells mostly like lavender which is great.  It doesn’t feel drying and doesn’t make my skin feel tight afterwards.  If I regularly used toner, this would end up being my go-to, but it’s just not something I feel the need to use really.  It’s still fun to try out and I’m glad this was included!

Overall value of the box comes to $32.12 and is actually on the lower end for this box (last month’s was almost double this month’s).  I’m not too bothered by the dollar amount though because the two full size products, the scrub and sun stick, are things I’ll use till they’re empty!  Like I mentioned above, I’m a little bummed that I didn’t get the mascara in this box, but if there’s a coupon coming in email, I may spring for it anyway since I keep hearing how amazing it is.  Can’t wait to see what they come up with for next month!

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