Goodbeing (formerly Goodebox) February 2016

Goodbeing (formerly Goodebox) February 2016


Not a real winner of a box this month for me, Goodbeing.  There are a couple of subscription box sins here for me including silly foil packets and pink.  UGH PINK.  I’ll get into it in more detail in the contents, but I honestly feel like for all the preferences and customization available for this box, it’s basically gone out the window for the past two boxes.  Despite having my preferences set for no health products, I keep getting tooth paste and items I specifically set my preferences against.  Also, due to my age, I’m just automatically getting anti-aging and firming products that I don’t want.  Wrinkles are natural!  I have no shame about my age, and really how much can any product stop or slow the inevitable march of time.  I’m much more concerned with the fact that I’m 35 and still have pimples (and dry skin, go figure).  Wrinkles are the LEAST of my skincare woes.  Oh, the theme for the box this month is, “Love Thyself and Others,” which is a wonderful theme, and perfect for February, however I don’t really feel like the theme was a theme outside of the bracelet.  I suppose it gets a little hard to both customize a box and carry out a theme at the same time though.

  • Shea Radiance Advanced Firming Cream – 6 oz / $55 – (Product is approx .5 oz, value of $4.50)  It smells REALLY good – warm and ambery.  The full-size product is super expensive though and I don’t think this is something I’d buy on my own.  I just don’t buy the firming claims, even if it is a nice cream.
  • Shea Radiance Intense Body Balm – 5 oz / $50 –  (Product is approx .5 oz, value of $5)  This is a thicker formula than the previous, almost a mousse, and smells a little like cake batter.  It’s a little greasy, but definitely thick and will be great for dry winter skin.  Again, because of the cost, this isn’t something I’d buy, but the sample is nice to try.
  • Shea Radiance Unscented Body Cream – 6 oz / $40 –  (Product is approx .5 oz, value of $3.50)  Another body cream.  THREE in the box.  I’d probably have rather had one larger sample instead of three tiny ones since they’re all variations on the same thing anyway.  Another nice but expensive cream that I’ll no doubt use up, but wouldn’t buy again.
  • Vapour Plumping Lip Gloss – .13 oz / $24 – (Product is full size)  LIP GLOSS!  I’m never disappointed with lip gloss since it’s one of the few makeup items I actually wear on a regular basis.  I don’t really feel like this plumps my lips at all (and I mean really at all, not even a bit), but the formula is nice, not heavily scented/flavored, not sticky, enough color without being too much.  The color I received was Mischief, a deep plum color.  If this is the only item I like out of the box, it still covers the cost!
  • Kahina Brightening Facial Serum – 30 mL / $72 – (3 packets at about 3  mL each, approx value of $24)  Another REALLY expensive product that I probably wouldn’t buy again.  I’m always dubious about claims like this, and with three tiny foil packets, I won’t really be able to tell if it works or not on discoloration from acne.  It’s a nice thing to try, but yet again, not something I’d buy because the price point is just too high for me, personally.
  • Bedrook & Bloom Smart Ash Teeth Whitener and Detoxifier – 32 g / $30 – (Product is 1 gram, value of $3)  I received this in the Kloverbox for August 2015 and didn’t like it AT ALL.  My teeth didn’t feel clean after using it, and there was charcoal mess EVERYWHERE.  In the sink, powder that poofed out when the little container was opened, dribbles on my clothes, gross gross gross.  It’s just completely impractical in this powder format to use.  I actually felt less clean and ‘detoxified’ after using this.  SUPER disappointed to see this in this box since this isn’t something I wanted or needed as indicated with my preferences.
  • Rafiki Health Bracelet – 1 bracelet / $10 – (Product is full size)  Okay, it’s a great cause – the bracelets are made in Kenya and one bracelet provides healthcare for one month to a child in a community overseas.  However, the bracelet color for Healthcare support is pink.  If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, you already know I hate pink.  LOATHE pink.  This is a complete waste for me, though I’m sure I can find someone who will like it.  The cause is worthy and I do like that, but  it’s just absolutely not me and I know I checked off “None” for pink on my survey.

The overall value is $74 which is on the higher end for this box.  In spite of the good value, I’m not really into it this month because the only thing I’m interested in is the lip gloss.  The other items are great (except for the ughpink bracelet and the Smart Ash), but not items I’d ever want to spend that kind of money on.  There are other products that cost less and are just as great, so I’m disappointed that all of these are all such high ticket items and there’s not better cost-variety if that makes sense.  When you take out the two items I have absolutely no interest in, the value only drops $13, so it’s still a great deal, but I’m just.. underwhelmed this time.  Last months box was, IMHO, far better!

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