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Another spun-to-finished project!  I recently realizes just how much handspun I have sitting around, and how much I need to start using it instead of keeping it set aside as precious yarn that shall not be touched.  The resulting shawl came out really lovely, light and airy, and I’m super happy with the results.  I’ll admit to not really being a shawl person, but with the right pattern, I’ve slowly grown to like wearing them with the point in front, and sometimes add extra increases to make sure the long side is long enough to go all the way around.  There’s nothing worse than a shawl that won’t wrap around the whole way without feeling like I’m being strangled.  Details below!

First up, the fiber.  This is Twisted Fiber Art’s Cloudy in colorway “Terrain” which is 60% Merino and 40% Bamboo.  It looks like the name of the fiber was changed to Glam, and the fiber contents tweaked a little.

Next, the yarn.  Spun to something between fingering and lace weight, I came out with 547 yards, chain plied.

DSC_7385DSC_7402DSC_7466 The shawl!  Pattern is Antarktis by Janina Kallio.  Total knitting time was just over two weeks, so it went pretty quickly and was easy enough to bring with me to knit night.  I used up pretty much the whole skein, following the pattern instructions until I got to the border section, except switching the wrong-side rows to purl so that it was garter instead of stockinette with a 3 stitch garter border.  Just not a fan of garter stitch!  I kept repeating the border section until I was just about out of yarn and then bound off using Jenny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off.  Blocked aggressively with wires and the resulting shawl came out beautifully.  Ravelry Project Link in case you’re interested.

On a non-knitting realted note, I’m really trying to blog more, especially with One Local Summer starting again.  It always seems like I go from May to November only posting about food, and I want to try to blog more to break all that up a bit!  I have a whole bunch of projects I haven’t blogged about lined up, and there will be PLENTY going on in the vegetable garden, so hopefully those will break up the summer monotony.  We’re also going on some trips this summer, and I hope to be able to blog from the road.  Anything you’d like to hear about specifically?  Let me know in the comments!

Ravelympics 2010


Pattern: Trevi
Designer: Anne Hanson
Needles: US 4 (3.5mm)
Yarn: Twisted Fiber Art Kabam in, “Kismet”
Ravelry Project Link

Wow what a project!  This was knit over the 17 days of the 2010 winter olympics in Vancouver, Canada.  Ravelry hosts a knitting olympics of sorts – I entered this project in the Short Track Shawls event and finished just in time before the end of the closing ceremonies.  It was a close one.  I finished the border as written in the pattern, but ended up a few yards short on yarn.  This isn’t exaclty a yarn that I could just go out and buy more, so I ripped out the whole border and started over, omitting one stitch from the border – instead of three stitches, I dropped down to two, and ended up with only a yard or so left over.  It blocked up beautifully and I love the angular lace pattern.  Pretty simple as far as lace goes, but enough to keep me interested and still be able to finish in two weeks.  I’m super proud of it, and yet again, Meg, the dyer, did a fabulous job dyeing up the color evolution so it fit with the shawl progression just perfectly!

Seasonal Knitting


I’m starting off with a photo this time since, well, just look at that!   This is a test knit for my friend Abbie who designed this wrap (also available in a scarf version).   I finally got the french knots on and took it out yesterday on a Thanksgiving walk with the dogs to Valley Forge.   It propped itself up on the wheel of a cannon and primped and posed for me.     🙂

The pattern was just released this week, so you ought to go check out the pattern just to see the *cough* really awesome photography (that I might have contributed *wink*).   It’s two patterns in one, so buying from either project gets you both patterns.   Gogogo, check it out!