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Upcoming Show

I’ll probably post this a few billion times between now and the show, but here’s the first time.  Please please please come out to the show and say hello – it would mean so much to see you there.  A TON of really talented photographers will be showing their work next to Scott Church’s photography, and I’m honored to be among them.

Rachel Schain

DSC_6031_bw This is Rachel Schain, a local musician and friend who asked for some new photos for promotions, websites, etc.   The two hour shoot went very well and she came away with a TON of really great shots.   Musicians seem to make great models and are seldom shy of the camera lens.   This photo here is really my favorite shot out of the bunch, but I’ve added another color one below so that you can see her gorgeous red hair.   If you’d like to check out her music, you can go to her myspace page  or her facebook page.




This is Ciara.   She was a blast to shoot with and I’m really glad I had the chance to work with such a wonderful model.   Even beyond that, she’s a singer with some awesome music – click her name up there to go to her myspace page.

I’m still available to schedule a shoot with you, your family, friends, significant other, etc.   Just let me know, and we’ll get something together!



I had a shoot with Brittany last Friday and needless to say, we got some great images and had a blast working together.

If this isn’t a good enough incentive to schedule a shoot with me, I’m not sure what is!      😉

Congrats to Amber and Seth!


Congratulations to Amber and Seth!   They invited me to be their photographer at their destination wedding in the Dominican Republic and I happily accepted.   They’re an adorable couple and it was hard to pick just two photos to post here! The small group at the reception felt like they had all been family for decades, it was a ton of fun to be there, and I’m really honored that I was invited to be part of the week. Congrats again, you two!

Just a pretty picture

On May 12th, the husband and I went over to our town’s Dogwood Festival.  It was just past dinner time and the sky was starting to get dark, so I brought the camera and the crappy little tripod, itching to get a few long-exposure shots of the nutty carnival rides.  She shoots, she scores.  I like this one, and it’s gathered a bit of interest on flickr too, so I’m sharing it here too.   🙂


A week in pictures

The sister-in-law, Brenda, was up visiting this past week. We went a bunch of places and I took A LOT of photos with the new camera. The wide lens and the full-frame DSLR has been making me very very happy. Click any photo to see a larger size, linked to flickr.
Row 1: Crystal Cave
Row 2: Philadelphia Zoo
Row 3: Fort Mifflin
Row 4: Winterthur

DSC_0335 DSC_0346
DSC_0362_edit DSC_0421_bw
DSC_0600 DSC_0672_edit
DSC_0687_bw DSC_0723