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Knitted Baby Gifts, Part 1

Apparently everyone is pregnant and due this summer.  There must be something in the water, and just in case there is,   I think I’ll stick with beer!  The great thing about this, aside from excited new parents welcoming a baby into the world,  is that this gives me the chance to knit sweet little baby gifts for my friends which is a ton of fun.  Baby-sized sweaters have basically the same construction as adult-sized items but use less yarn and knit up much faster, so it’s pretty close to instant satisfaction.  There’s also something about a handmade gift that’s really special for folks who appreciate the work that goes into them.  This is the first round of gifts which have already been given to the recipient, so I figure I’m okay to blog about them and won’t spoil any surprises.

DSC_7109_web DSC_7113_web
Pattern: Tilting Blocks Baby Blanket
Designer: Ranee Mueller
Needles: US  4  (3.5 mm)
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease in, “Maize”
Ravelry Project Link
It’s a really simple stitch pattern and works up so quickly.  The original pattern had a square of stockinette in the center, but I opted to just do the whole blanket in pattern.  I used just about three whole skeins of yarn which is a basic cotton/acrylic blend which makes it great for use for baby knits.  Durable, washes well, still pretty soft.  It stretched out MUCH larger than anticipated since it’s lace, but it really looks great and will make a wonderful summer blanket for a summer baby.  Plus, the parents have opted not to know the gender of their child, so yellow is a nice, neutral color.

DSC_7104_web DSC_7106_web
Pattern: Sunnyside
Designer: Tanis Lavallee
Needles: US 4  (5 mm)
Yarn: Kangaroo Dyer Franklin Hand Dyed in, “Fried Green Tomatoes”
Ravelry Project Link
Knit in under a week!  Super fast knit and I didn’t even use a whole skein of sock yarn.  I made a small modification and flipped the cables on one side of the cardigan so they’d mirror the otherside (right twist instead of left twist).  The size I knit was 6-12 month, but it came out at more like a newborn-6 month size.  Next time, I’ll have to go up a size.  Still, a really cute and easy cardigan to knit!  I definitely prefer knitting baby items in fingering weight yarn instead of worsted or DK – babies are so small that a bulky sweater just doesn’t work out, and for a summer baby, a lighter cardigan is defintiely best.

Pea Pod Sweater

I suppose it comes with the age group – a few years ago, everyone was getting married.   Now?   Everyone is having babies.   That means a lot of pint-sized knitting projects that fly off the needles and make me all happy with the instant gratification.   The latest project, which I can now reveal now that I know it has been received.

Pattern: Pea Pod Baby Sweater
Designer: Kate Gilbert
Needles: US 5 (3.75mm)
Yarn: Cascade Cotton Rich DK
Ravelry Project Link
This was a pretty quick knit! The yarn is a great cotton/nylon blend which is, IMHO, a great summer/baby yarn since it’s easy to wash and maintain. Blue for the baby boy who was born a few weeks ago, and naturally, I didn’t want a girly sort of lace and figured that the leaves provided just enough interest without going overboard.   Buttons were acquired from  Philadelphia’s Fabric Row, specifically the Pennsylvania Fabric Outlet.    It really looks fabulous in person, and I can’t wait to get photos of the little guy wearing it!
DSC_0170 DSC_0167

There was a trip to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival this weekend and I still have yet to photograph my precious acquisitions since it’s been raining for what, nine days straight?! So, I’ll hold off on the update for that and you’ll hear about it when there’s sun again. 🙂