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Goodebox November 2015


Not a bad box!  If you’ll remember, I got the Konjac sponge in last month’s box too, but Goodebox has assured me it’s an error and they’ll make up for it in the next box.  The other items though, I’m really pretty pleased with!  The sugar cleanser is exactly what I like to use on my face.  I’d gotten the Ellovi butter before, but LOVED it so much, I’m not at all upset to see it again.  Anyway, before I go on and on, here’s the contents of the box.

  • My Konjac French Green Clay Sponge – 1 sponge / $10 – (Product is full size)  Like I mentioned above, a computer glitch caused the same item to be sent two months in a row.  Usually Goodebox does a fantastic job managing who got what which month, but this one slipped through.  I’m SO not a fan of these sponges like I mentioned in last month’s post, so I won’t go into that again.  Goodebox said they’ll make up for it next month, and I’m perfectly happy with that resolution.
  • Odacite (Pe+C) Peach Cypress Serum Concentrate – 5 mL / $32 – (Product is approx .7 mL, value of $4.48)  This is a teeny little sample of a pretty pricey serum.  After washing my face, I dabbed a little out of the vial onto my finger (twice) and distributed it around my face.  It smells more cypressy than peachy, but it’s a rich oil and a little does go a long way without getting greasy or oily and does seem to stop my oily spots from getting oily.  This particular formulation is for combination skin which is probably the one I would’ve chosen for myself out of all of the options.  I’m not wowed by it to the point that I’d consider purchasing it, but it was fun to try!
  • Alima Pure Brow Pencil – 1 stick / $18 – (Product is full size)  I received the color, “Deep” which is pretty much the right shade.  I’ll admit that I prefer something like Benefit’s Gimme Brow since it builds fiber onto your natural eyebrow hair and looks more natural than a pencil.  The outer half  of my eyebrows is  really thin, so I thought this might work to help fill in underneath the brow gel, but it turns out it just feels like it looks fake to me and I’d rather just use the brow gel on its own.  It’s still a nice pencil, and I think I’ll repurpose it as eyeliner.
  • Ellovi Mint Chocolate Body Butter – 3.5 oz / $26 – (Product is .34 oz, value of $2.53)  I’ve gotten this product before and oh is it ever a joy.  The scent of the butter is wonderful and it’s just perfect for the fall and winter.  So glad to see this come through a subscription box again!
  • MyChelle Refining Sugar Cleanser – 3.5 oz / $25 – (Product is full size)  I tried this out right away because I love a good exfoliating scrub.  Of course, I tried it and THEN read the back of the tube.  I was a little disappointed at first that the sugar dissolved pretty quickly and didn’t stick around long enough to exfoliate, but it turns out if I use it on dry skin with dry hands first and then wet my hands after, I can get a good scrub and then let the water dissolve the sugar and turn the cleanser into a nice lather.  The scent isn’t  good or bad really, and I do like the way it both exfoliates and then turns into a foamy cleanser for the best of both worlds.

The total value comes out to $60.01 which is definitely on the higher end for this box.  That includes the Konjac sponge, even though it was a mistake.  It also looks like the name is changing from Goodebox to Good Being  as well as incorporating a few changes to the box structure, so I’ll reflect the name change in future posts.  As always, looking forward to next month’s box!

Goodebox October 2015


I seem to have also gotten behind on my subscription box posts, so here’s the Goodebox from October!  I’ll have to say I was completely disappointed with this one.  I saw other folks got a Shea Spray for hair and I would’ve much preferred that over just about any other item in the box and it would’ve made this a much better box for me.  As it is, the value of the items I’ll actually use doesn’t cover the cost of the box.  I know there are hits and misses month to month, and this was a huge miss, but it’s the first really big miss from Goodebox in a while.

  • EO Everyone Natural Hand Sanitizer – 2 oz / $2.99 – (Product is full size)  I dont’ use hand sanitizers, ever.  I think it’s already been proven that washing your hands is better, and sanitizers like this don’t eliminate all germs.  I’d much rather just go wash my hands than coat them in alcohol and dry my skin out.  Plus the scent on this is absolutely horrible to me – the mint and citrus  combined with the alcohol smells medicinal and in a bad way.  I’ll end up giving this to a friend though.
  • My Konjac Sponge – 1 sponge / $10 – (Product is full size)  I received the “Original” version of the sponge.  I had  gotten  one of these before from another company and wasn’t impressed.  The sponge, when wet, is slimy and I don’t feel that it exfoliates at all, but I also have rough skin that tends to be a little dry and needs a good, rough scrub.  Beyond that, all the nooks and crannies in the thing undoubtedly collect all sorts of dead skin cells, dirt, oil, etc and after about three uses it’s probably full of gunk.  I’ve heard that you can run it through the microwave or boiling water to sterilize it, but that won’t clear out the accumulated material.  I just don’t understand how these sponges can be part of any green beauty routine when they only last up to three months.  My washcloth can be washed thousands of times before I need to replace it, and one washcloth costs a hell of a lot less than $10!  I’ll find someone  to give this to though.
  • Davids Natural Mint Toothpaste – 5.25 oz / $7.95 – (Product is full size)  I checked over the ingredients and it contains stevia, so it’s an automatic nope for me.  Stevia seems to have a very immediate and very unpleasant  laxative effect.  Even the smallest amount sets me off, plus I find the taste of stevia really off-putting.  I won’t even bother trying it because I don’t want to find out if the amount of Stevia in the toothpaste is enough to have an undesirable effect or not.  This is going straight to the island of misfit subscription box items.
  • Lillian Eve Nourishing Cuticle Oil Pen – 2 mL / $12 – (Product is full size)  While the oil itself is pretty nice and works well on my cuticles, I’m not a huge fan of the pen.  I’d much rather have a bottle and dropper or bottle and brush.  I do really like the oil though and it works well, so it’s a keeper.  Then pen has been hanging out by the computer so I can put the oil on and it stays put and absorbs while I type.
  • Bonnie Ultra Shine Lip Gloss – .3 oz / $8 – (Product is full size)  Love the formula, hate the color which is “Pink Sapphire.”  It’s just too light of a pink for my skin tone and doesn’t look right at all.  Plus, it has peppermint oil, and I don’t really like peppermint flavored lip products.  I already tried it, so I can’t give it to a friend, so it’s just a total loss.

The total value of the box was $40.94 which is on the low side for Goodebox.  My personal value was $12 for the Cuticle Oil pen, but that doesn’t even cover the cost of the box.  Everything other than the cuticle oil is going to trade/gift or trash which is super disappointing.

Goodebox September 2015

This arrived almost two weeks ago, but I’m finally getting around to posting the review.  I FINALLY got that 100% pure mascara and I LOVE it.  The box overall is pretty decent and I’m rather happy with this one!  Probably one of my favorites of all time.

  • The Seaweed Bath Co Argan Shampoo – 12 oz / $12.89 – (Sample is approx 1.5 oz, value of $1.60)  I still have the same gripe about the sample bottles they use – they don’t squeeze, so you have to wait till the product trickles out by the force of gravity.  It’s incredibly frustrating.  I received the “Smoothing Citrus Vanilla” version of this, but I won’t be able to try it because it contains dimethicone, an ingredient (a silicone) I don’t use on my hair.  I’ll pass it off to someone who will use it though.
  • 100% Pure Blueberry Mascara – .24 oz / $25 – (Product is full size)  WOOHOO!  I finally got this in my box after seeing it the past two months show up in other boxes.  I can’t quite express how much I love this for basic, daily use.  It smells like fresh blueberries and it’s definitely a deep navy blue, but doesn’t show up as Mimi-style bright blue makeup.  It’s a lighter sort of mascara, not heavy and clumping, so it’s perfect for everyday use.  Did I mention that it smells amazing?  Oh and it didn’t bother my eyes at all and washed off easily.  These are all super good things in my book.
  • Treat Peaches and Cream Lip Balm – .5 oz / $9.99 – (Product is full size)  It’s like they know me over at Goodebox because this is incredible.  The flavor is amazing, and a gal can never have too many lip balms.  It goes on smoothly without feeling sticky or too oily, and is honestly the perfect formula.  It’ll probably go in my everyday bag to remind me of the last bits of summer as we fall into pumpkin-spice-everything season.
  • S.W. Basics Exfoliant – 3 oz / $24 – (Product is .7 oz, value of $5.60 by volume or $12 as mini  size on their website)  I haven’t tried too many S.W. Basics products before, but I keep hearing good things, so it’s great to see two products from them in this box.  I do like a good exfoliator, but this one is maybe a bit too gentle for my tastes.  When wet, it’s a little like putting cookie batter on your face with the main ingredients being oat flour and almond flour.  I assume those work to pull out oil from your face, and it seems like it did indeed do that, but I didn’t quite feel like it exfoliated as good as a traditional salt or sugar scrub.  I do like that the ingredients are simple and I’m glad I got to try it, but this doesn’t quite rank in my favorites.
  • S.W. Basics Cream – 3 oz / $32 – (Product is .7 oz, value of $7.47 by volume or $12 as a mini size on their website)  Super thick and rich cream, again with simple, basic ingredients, unscented.  Doesn’t feel so thick and rich or greasy that it gets relegated to bedtime-only use which was a bit of a surprise.  I figured this would be a little on the greasy side, but it’s actually something I can keep at my computer desk for dry winter hands and use all day long.  A wee little pea sized amount thorougly covered  both hands, so the price doesn’t seem too outrageous when you consider how well such a little amount works.  Really rather love this!

Also included (not pictured) was a $5 coupon to Target for anything in their Made to Matter set of brands.  I broke up with Target a few years ago and refuse to shop there which is a story for another time and includes an incredibly rude cashier who refused to use the reusable bags I brought, and when I repacked everything into those bags and handed her back the plastic bags, she stuffed the plastic bags in my cart and said I could just throw them out.  (Sorry, I did get into it.. annnyywayyy)  I’ll hand that off to someone who will use it, but it has absolutely no value to me.  Without including the value of the coupon, the box comes to a total of $60.59 which is pretty phenomenal!  The mascara is the big winner this time with the S.W. Basics cream a runner up, and even if I’m not terribly keen on the exfoliator, I’m glad I got to try it.  Of course the Treat lip balm is always something I’ll use.  Overall, a really terrific box, and I’m already looking forward to the next!

Goodebox August 2015


I think woefully behind accurately describes this month with the blog!  This box arrived in the first few days of August, but here it is, the last week of August, and I’m just getting this online.  For me, this isn’t that great of a box – I’m really only interested in the two smallest items, the eye shadow and the Well People powder.  I still haven’t found a natural deodorant that works, yes, including the one in this box – I keep trying, but they all have the same VERY ineffective ingredients that do nothing to stop the sweat and bacteria growth that causes stink in the first place!  The Lift spray for hair is totally off base for my profile – having extremely curly hair, the last thing I need is extra volume.. I use products that weigh down and clump together the curls instead of lift and separate the strands!  Anyway, before I go on too much, on to the box contents!

  • Au Naturale Eyeshadow – 1 g / $15 – (Product is full size) I really dig the color – it’s a neutral with a little sparkle and shimmer that makes it great for any time of the day.  It’s a pretty basic mineral shadow, and is exactly up my alley.  Not much else to say other than absolutely spot on!
  • Zoe Organics Refresh Oil – .35 oz / $14 – (Product is full size) The main scent of the oil is peppermint and I’m not a big fan of peppermint or aromatherapy oils.  The product information goes on about a “queasy tummy,” an “anxious parent,” and stashing the bottle in a diaper bag.  It’s just a little off base for someone who doesn’t have kids.  We are going on a boating vacation in a few months though, so I’ll bring it along, but haven’t found aromatheraphy to be nearly as effective as dramamine, especially when I can barely stomach the peppermint smell in the first place!
  • Well People Bio Brightener Invisible Powder – 6 g / $24 – (Product is 3 g, value of $12)  I already use something a lot like this in the summer to keep my face from getting shiny and this works just the same but with better ingredients.
  • Love Fresh Natural deodorant – 2  oz / $15 – (Product is full size)  I’ve gone on and on about how much I dislike natural deodorants and the hows of why they don’t work, etc, etc.  And I’m still pretty grossed out by having to apply deodorant with my hands and dig it out of a pot where it gets all under my finger nails.  Gross.  And stinky.  I still try them when they show up in boxes like this and I still remain disappointed.
    Update 31 August 2015: This caused the most horrendous rash on my arm pits.  I don’t know what’s different about it since the ingredients seem to be the same as other natural deoderants and I didn’t apply it right after shaving.  It was red and hot and itchy and well, that was the last time I’ll use a natural deoderant ever.  Straight to the trash!
  • Josh Rosebrook Lift – 4 oz / $22 – (Product is approx 1 oz, value of $5.50)  I spend the majority of my hair-care time attempting to corral and de-poof my curls, so the absolute last thing I need is a spray that adds volume and thickens hair.  The ingredients are basically starch and oils and it’s really sticky stuff – yes, I tried it out on dry hair just so I could form an opinion because you never know, right?  The directions say to comb or brush into damp hair, them blow dry but I do none of those things to my hair and don’t even own a brush at this point!  I finger comb when it’s wet in the shower and that’s it (less damage, breakage that way).  It dried really stiff on my hair and I didn’t like the texture it gave my curls at all – they’re usually really soft and bouncy and this felt more like hair spray than anything else.  I’m going to end up passing it off to a friend since it’s just not the product for me.

The final total for the box comes to $61.50 which is really on the high end for this box!  My personal value is $27 though for the eyeshadow and Well People powder which at least covers the cost of the box (I’m on the 6 month plan at $19 per box), but just barely.  I can’t quite put my finger on why this was such a miss – the products are all quality stuff and they’re great, just.. not for me.  Oh well, September’s box is coming along in about a week, so I’m looking forward to see what’s up for next month!  I did notice though that Goodebox revamped their website and now there’s a full breakdown of each box received including ingredients, product size, prices, offers, and a place to purchase products.  Really incredible – great job, Goodebox!

Goodebox July 2015


July’s Goodebox just arrived this week, and I’m finally getting around to posting  about it.  Really a great box, and a near perfect fit!  The only thing I rhave no interest in is the self tanner and would’ve preferred getting the mascara other folks got in their boxes over the tanner.  I don’t tan on purpose (naturally/chemically/tanning bed) ever, and I find pale to be a naturally lovely shade.  Work with what you’ve got!  Anyway, the Sunstick is absolutely brilliant, the facial scrub is great, I’m already a huge fan of Yarok, and the toner is non-alcohol based, so those are all big wins in my book!

  • Acure Brightening Facial Scrub – 4 oz / $9.99 – (Sample is full size!)  I was a little skeptical at first – brightening scrub?  I’m a pretty fair shade to start with, if I go brighter/lighter, I’ll end up transparent!  I’m not sure I completely buy claims like this anyway, so taken at face value as just a scrub, it’s a really great product with a fantastic ingredient list that doesn’t include sulfates, petroleum products, and is cruelty free.  It’s a thick paste that almost looks like really chunky pesto and smells minty and botanical (but not overpoweringly so).  It exfoliates well but isn’t as coarse as a sugar or salt scrub which makes it suitable for regular  use, especially for someone with dry, thick skin.  The price point is reasonable as well and may make this a new go-to for face scrubs.
  • Yarok Feed Your Shine – 1 oz / $26.40 – (Sample is .3 oz, value of $7.92)  I’m already a huge fan of Yarok, so this product is perfect.  The small, 10 mL dropper bottle feeds out drops of a blend of all kinds of oils, perfect for dry summer hair.  The oil is pretty strongly scented, and smells, “Green,” for lack of a better term – fresh and woodsy, but not musky.  A few drops on my second day hair ends brings them back to life and makes them glossy and manageable again.  LOVE this product so much.
  • SunTegrity Self Tanner – 5 oz / $36 – (Sample is .25 oz, $1.80, or $1.95 on website)  I’m not into tanning.  I never go out of my way to get, “color,” ie, skin damage.  Same applies to self tanner – it’s just another way to make your skin look damaged and promotes the idea that getting a summer tan is good for you when it’s absolutely not.  This one is beet color based which is interesting, but it comes out as a jaundice yellow color on my skin.  It doesn’t smell chemically though and goes on smooth and even feels moisturizing, but this product totally missed the mark for my preferences.
  • All Good Coconut Sun Stick – .6 oz / $7.99 – (Sample is full size!)  I am THE WORST about applying sun screen.  You’d think, after my rant above about tanning and skin damage, that I’d be THE poster child for sunscreen.  I’m not.  I should do better, and do put on sunscreen  if I know I’m going to be out in the sun between 10am and 4pm, but sometimes a quick 15 minute weeding session to create some Vitamin D runs over and before you know it, burnt.  Or, you go out to a festival and realize forgot the sunscreen at home.  No more excuses!  This is such an easy product to stash in a bag and cover your face and arms quickly without chemical blockers.  The active blocker is zinc (physical blocker) which is great!  Plus, it smells deliciously like coconut, is cruelty free, and contains a bunch of wonderful waxes, oils, and butters that are good for your skin.  While it says it’s not waterproof, I found that it stayed in place while sweating when mowing the lawn due to the waxes.  It still washed off easily with soap and water though, and can’t melt/leak in my bag which makes this the perfect to-go sunscreen solution.
  • Angel Face Botanicals Grace Antioxidant Facial Toner – 9 oz / $32 – (Sample is 1.2 oz, value of $4.27)  A toner that isn’t alcohol based?  AWESOME.  Not a single alcohol in the ingredient list.  Aloe juice seems to be the carrier liquid, and the product smells mostly like lavender which is great.  It doesn’t feel drying and doesn’t make my skin feel tight afterwards.  If I regularly used toner, this would end up being my go-to, but it’s just not something I feel the need to use really.  It’s still fun to try out and I’m glad this was included!

Overall value of the box comes to $32.12 and is actually on the lower end for this box (last month’s was almost double this month’s).  I’m not too bothered by the dollar amount though because the two full size products, the scrub and sun stick, are things I’ll use till they’re empty!  Like I mentioned above, I’m a little bummed that I didn’t get the mascara in this box, but if there’s a coupon coming in email, I may spring for it anyway since I keep hearing how amazing it is.  Can’t wait to see what they come up with for next month!

Goodebox June 2015


Another month, another Goodebox!  It arrived within the first week of the month (yesterday, June 3rd if we’re keeping count) which is great.  It feels like a pretty substantial box this month at first glance – 5 products, three of which  full-size.   I’m really rather happy with this one!  No pink nail polish, but a lovely nude color along with some really fabulous basics instead of bizarre niche products.  They nailed the selection for the MyChelle product, and it’s a company I’ve come to love through Goodebox.  Anyway, before I go on too much, on to the contents!

  • Lillian Eve Nail Polish – .5 oz / $12 – (Sample is full size)  I received the color, “Nothing But Nude,” which is this really lovely basic neutral tan color.  I’d been wanting a nude/neutral for a while, and somehow Goodebox nailed it!  For a five-free polish, it’s on the more affordable end of the spectrum (for the same size, Butter is $15, Lauren B is $18, Aila is $17).  For being such a light color, it really did cover in two coats, while three made it super opaque, and is enough to look like there’s polish there without being some crazy wild color (I dig crazy wild colors, but not all the time).  It dries quickly and feels durable which I’m surely going to put to the test this week while digging in the garden.  Big fan of this  nail polish, so glad it was included!
  • MyChelle Clear Skin Serum – 1 oz / $33 – (Sample is full size)  The formula is for Oily skin and Blemish Control which, while my skin my not be all that oily, I still get pimples, so it works for me.  The ingredient list includes a base of Witch Hazel with plant extracts, clay, tea tree oil, and all kinds of vitamins.  It pumps out as a clear gel that has a bit of an alcohol smell.  Goes on smooth, but feels a little sticky when dry.  This is probably something I’d put on before bed on a clean face for maximum effect.
  • Red Flower Wanderlust Hand + Face Towelettes – Pack of 7 / $5 – (Sample is full size)  I’m not super huge into these type of towelettes, but with it being summer, I can see these being useful for a quick freshen-up on my face to clear off sweat ick if I’m out in the sun all day.  The scent is AMAZING and so totally me – it’s woodsy and warm, with a neat balance between resiny and musky.  The towelette is thick and doesn’t fall apart, nor does the liquid feel sticky or drying.  I couldn’t find a full ingredient list though, not even on the company website which is a little bothersome, especially if I’m going to be using it near my eyes.  In fact, I couldn’t even find this specific product on the website at all, but they do have a Blood Orange scent which is in my top three favorite scents.  These are probably going into my everyday bag to keep on hand for hot and humid summer days.
  • Odacité Intensive Hand + Heel Treatment – 4 oz / $39 – (Sample is .5 oz, value of $4.88)  The product card says this is good for severely dry, cracked, and coarse skin.  That fairly accurately describes my hands and feet during the summer.  I go barefoot most of the summer (unless I have to wear shoes), and am digging in the garden, doing yard work, projects outdoors, etc all summer long, so this is the perfect timing to include a product like this!  It squeezes out of the sample container easily as a thick cream and smells a little citrusy and minty.  A little bit goes a long way, and just a pea sized amount massaged cleanly into my heel.  My calloused heels immediately felt softer.  While it’s a pretty pricey product, it does work and a little bit goes a good long way, so I could see that 4oz full sized tub lasting a LONG time.
  • Vapour Clarity Makeup Remover – .98 oz / $32 – (Sample is .21 oz, value of $6.86)  I don’t currently have any makeup on, so I’ll have to give this a try and report back later.  Price-wise, it’s a pretty good sized sample for something that’s kind of expensive.  The ingredient list includes only oils, so it’s completely safe to use around eyes.  I suppose it’s a lot like the Meraki sample from last month’s box, but at just over 3  times the price.  I’ll have to update this review once I get a chance to use it, but I’ll admit here that I loved the Meraki oil so much that I placed an order for a replacement already!

Overall value of this box is $61.74 which is INCREDIBLE for Goodebox.  The majority of the value comes from that MyChelle serum, so I’m a really happy  gal this month.  Looking forward to trying out the Vapour Makeup Remover sample hopefully later this week and will post an update here once I’ve given it a go.  Looking forward to next month already!

Goodebox May 2015


I’m not sure when May happened, but it did, and so did another Goodebox!  This one arrived yesterday, still within the first week of the month.  It’s not a box that blows me away, but the variety is great, and there are new products I’ve never heard of before.   The face oil I’m most excited about and the other products are things I’ll at least  try.

  • Seaweed Detox Cellulite Cream – 6 oz / $14.99 – (Sample is 1 oz, value of $2.50)  My first impression, upon breaking the safety seal is that this STINKS.  It smells medicinal, and almost like Vicks Vaporub.  As far as the claims of reducing cellulite, increasing thyroid function, I’m just too skeptical to believe any of that stuff given that you’re putting it on your skin in such small amounts that it’s unlikely to make any difference.  Another small gripe is that the bottle is so sturdy that it’s impossible to squeeze the product out – I have to screw off the cap and shake it out into my hand instead.  If I use it, it would probably in the evenings when I  won’t be  carrying the stink of this cream around with me, but I have serious doubts that it will do anythinig to my cellulite.  The cream is pretty thick in the bottle, but turns almost to an oil on the skin and sinks in fast, so as a moisturizing cream, it’s great.  It just smells so terrible, and I’m not sure I can get past that.  I’m also a little concerned because I do have a thyroid issue that involves medication and I don’t want a skin care product to mess up the delicate balance we have going.
  • Juice Beauty Blemish Be Gone – .27 oz / $15 – (Product is full size, full value)  Really love the fact that it’s a roll-on, but I’m not entirely sold on the ingredients.  I don’t get pimples often, but what clears them up best are products containing sulfur.  This contains a natural version of salicylic acid (which has never done anything to my pimples) and a bunch of other fruit acids.  It’s worth a try since it came in the box, and I’ll be sure to report back about its efficacy!  It doesn’t have much of a scent, so that’s a plus.
  • Derma-e Evenly Radiant Brightening Day Creme – 2 oz / $29.95 – (Sample is .5 oz, value of $7.50)  I had received a batch of Derma-e samples in another Goodebox a while back, but not this one specifically.  I love that the sunscreen is a physical block instead of a chemical block, so I’ll definitely be using this over the summer!  Again, my skeptical side isn’t exactly buying the whole skin brightening thing, but I dont really have visible discoloration and sun damage for it to improve anyway.  Still, as a good daily moisturizer with SPF, it’s worth a try!
  • Mullein and Sparrow Cheek & Lip Tint – 1 oz / $22.00 – (Sample is approx .2 oz, value of $4.50)  Not too impressed with this.  I’ll admit that I’m not a huge fan of lip products that I have to apply with my finger.  The tint doesn’t seem to show up at all, and the product is really oily and melts a little too easily.  I’d be worried on a hot day that this would melt all over my bag.  There’s no discernable scent other than smelling like vegetable oil, and it goes on about the same.  I definitely enjoy lip products that are more sticky/thick like a beeswax lip balm and stay in place longer than oily/greasy products.  As a cheek product, again, it’s got no discernable tint without heavy application which then makes my cheeks look greasy.
  • Meraki Rose Grapefruit Face Oil – 2 oz / $20 – (Sample is 1 oz, value of $10)  I tried this out right away because I’ve always been interesting in trying the oil cleansing method, but didn’t want to invest in a larger product without being sure it would work with my skin.  This smells SO good, and following the directions on the product card, it definitely felt refreshing and moisturizing.  I could even see using a few drops before bed for an extra hydration boost.  I’ll have to see how well it removes makeup later and report back!
    Update, 12 May 2015 – It worked GREAT as a makeup remover!  Much more gentle, removed everything easily, and my skin didn’t feel stripped dry afterwards.  This may be my new favorite thing in the world.

Overall the value of this box is $39.50 which is about mid range for the box.  I’m REALLY happy with the Meraki oil, and the Derma-e sample will definitely be used up quickly.  Even the other products that I wasn’t exactly thrilled with, part of this is finding out what I do and don’t like by sampling products instead of ending up with a drawer full of full-size products that didn’t work out.  So, even though sometimes there are things that are misses, boxes like this are a great way to be introduced to new things.

Spring Bonus Goodebox – Spring 2015


Every quarter or so, Goodebox does a bonus box to clear out their stash of leftover products from previous boxes.  I’ve gotten a couple and so far have had some pretty decent bonuses!  This is no exception.  I’m just going to list the contents below, but for $25, I know just with the  MyChelle (full size, value of $45.50), the cost of the box is covered, no problem.  I am excited to try the serum, love the nail polish color, the candle and MSC perfume, and the Zosimos mask are all stuff I was really happy to see included, even if some of them are dupes from other boxes.  Overall very pleased with the bonus box and looking forward to the next!

  • MyChelle Pure Harmony Serum
  • MSC Candle in Scent 003
  • MSC Alcohol-Free Parfum in Scent 002
  • Tatcha Polished Rice Enzyme Powder
  • EO Bubble Bath in Yoga scent
  • Tallulah Jane Eau de Parfum in Aiyana
  • Barre3 Field Guide & Wrist Band
  • Zosimos Raspberry N Honey Facial Mask
  • Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream in Warm Glow
  • Jacobsen Salt Co. salt tin
  • Hue Nail Polish in Wilshire Boulevard
  • Blissoma Scentless Solid
  • Vapour Mesmerize Eye Color in Flash
  • The All Natural Face Vegan Cream Blush in Dark Rose