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Goodbeing (formerly Goodebox) March 2016


March’s Goodbeing box arrived on March 8th, a little later than usual, but February was a short month, so it’s okay with me!  Not entirely happy with this one to be honest.  Jasmine is the polar opposite of the type of scent I like, so to see two products with jasmine in them really bummed me out.  Then there’s the Rafiki bracelet again..  While I  appreciate the concept and love that the proceeds go to help people in need, I don’t want these and have no interest in them since they’re not to my style.  It would be great if there was a way to opt out of the bracelet, but allow for a donation of the product value to the charity in my name instead.  It looks like we’re probably getting one of every color, so the next bunch of boxes are going to have what I feel like is a waste of product space – I may actually put my subscription on hold till these bracelets are done, I’m that annoyed.  So, that leaves two products, one of which I LOVE LOVE LOVE and the other I’m indifferent about, making two boxes in a row that haven’t been all so stellar for me.

  • Rafiki Bracelet – 1 bracelet / $10 – (Full size product)  Well, at least it’s not pink.  I’m just.. I feel bad saying I don’t want this, because it is a worthy cause, but it’s just not something I’d ever buy or wear myself, so it means I’m giving them away to friends and that’s great, but I’m buying this box for me (hi selfishness) and expect products suited for me based on my preferences.  I don’t want a bracelet!  I  signed up for this box for the bath/body/beauty products and it’s not delivering that with this item.
  • American Provenance Solid Perfume – 60 g / $12.50 – (Full size product)  The product is a hard wax with an essential oil blend in a pretty sizeable container for a solid perfume.  Unfortunately, the oil blend contains jasmine and citrus, so while the bergamot and grapefruit come out on top, the floral jasmine scent is still in there and it’s unpleasant to my nose.  I gave it a fair shot and tried it though, and it really is barely scented at all – the scent is so light and fades so fast (completely gone in under an hour), it’s almost not worth bothering to use it at all!  This is a huge disappointment from the scent itself and then the product value – even though the size is large, you have to use SO much of it for it to actually work, and even then the scent doesn’t last long.
  • Prim Botanicals Body Oil – 4 oz / $48 – (Product is 1 oz, value of $12)  Jasmine.. again.  Scent preference is such a personal thing, and jasmine is one that I really dislike much like many (all?) sticky floral scents.  In fairness, I did try it, and while I like the oil blend which sinks into my skin quickly and doesn’t feel greasy, the scent is awful  to me.  The jasmine actually fades pretty fast, but then the roses take over, and  I’m  not entirely sure which is worse.  In the half hour it’s been on my skin so far, I’ve wanted to wash it off for the last 20 minutes because the scent is driving me up the wall.  If it was unscented or used a blend of musky scents or lavender instead of jasmine and rose, I’d be in, but as it is?  It’s just not the product for me since the scent is a complete deal breaker.
  • Orglamix Enlighten Luminizer – 1.4 g / $18 – (Product is full size)  This arrived stuck to the lid – the product had released from the container and attached to the lid.  Not a big deal, it was easy enough to pop back into the container.  It also looks like the oils were sweating out and separating out of the product, so there’s a layer of grease that needed to be removed before I could get to the actual luminizer which doesn’t bode well for the product quality.  Anyway, while the product card says it doesn’t look sparkly or glittery, it totally is sparkly and glittery and you can tell the second it’s on your face that it’s sparkly and glittery.  And, I’m not necessarily against sparkle and glitter, but if your product claims not to be and then is?  Yeah…  It contains mica, and you can see the glittery flakes everywhere.  So, I likely won’t be using this as it’s intended, but I see it being a great eyeshadow base!  Probably not something I’d buy for myself, but since I have it anyway, it’s worth using “off label” to see how that goes.
  • Pangea Organics Lip Balm – .25 oz / $14 – (Product is full size)  This is a brand I love dearly (that lavender and cardamom balm they make is my faaaavorite), so getting a new tube of balm in a fun scent/flavor (fennel, grapefruit, and orange) is terrific!  It’s really the only thing in the box I was excited to see and I already used it and will be stashing it in my everyday bag.

Not pictured is a $10 credit to swap.com.  On the back of the coupon, it says a Facebook account is required, so this is useless to me.  Yes, I have a Facebook account, but I don’t use it for anything really and refuse to use Facebook login for any website (no Facebook, I don’t trust you).  If anyone wants my code, leave me a comment with your email address, you can have it!

The overall value of the box comes to $66.50 which is on the higher end  for the box – I’m not counting the swap.com code in that total because it’s NOT a product, it’s an advertising promotional toss-in.  My personal value for the box?  $32 for the balm and luminizer which at least covers the cost, even if the only product I really like is the balm.  At this point, I’m not sure if I’m going to renew when my subscription is up in May – I can’t put my finger on it, but I feel like this box took a down turn over the past two boxes, and if they’re going to keep sending those bracelets, I’m definitely not interested anymore!  I didn’t sign up for a “Me to We” box, I signed up for Goodebox, and I’m finding that I really miss what the box was under the old name.

Goodbeing (formerly Goodebox) February 2016


Not a real winner of a box this month for me, Goodbeing.  There are a couple of subscription box sins here for me including silly foil packets and pink.  UGH PINK.  I’ll get into it in more detail in the contents, but I honestly feel like for all the preferences and customization available for this box, it’s basically gone out the window for the past two boxes.  Despite having my preferences set for no health products, I keep getting tooth paste and items I specifically set my preferences against.  Also, due to my age, I’m just automatically getting anti-aging and firming products that I don’t want.  Wrinkles are natural!  I have no shame about my age, and really how much can any product stop or slow the inevitable march of time.  I’m much more concerned with the fact that I’m 35 and still have pimples (and dry skin, go figure).  Wrinkles are the LEAST of my skincare woes.  Oh, the theme for the box this month is, “Love Thyself and Others,” which is a wonderful theme, and perfect for February, however I don’t really feel like the theme was a theme outside of the bracelet.  I suppose it gets a little hard to both customize a box and carry out a theme at the same time though.

  • Shea Radiance Advanced Firming Cream – 6 oz / $55 – (Product is approx .5 oz, value of $4.50)  It smells REALLY good – warm and ambery.  The full-size product is super expensive though and I don’t think this is something I’d buy on my own.  I just don’t buy the firming claims, even if it is a nice cream.
  • Shea Radiance Intense Body Balm – 5 oz / $50 –  (Product is approx .5 oz, value of $5)  This is a thicker formula than the previous, almost a mousse, and smells a little like cake batter.  It’s a little greasy, but definitely thick and will be great for dry winter skin.  Again, because of the cost, this isn’t something I’d buy, but the sample is nice to try.
  • Shea Radiance Unscented Body Cream – 6 oz / $40 –  (Product is approx .5 oz, value of $3.50)  Another body cream.  THREE in the box.  I’d probably have rather had one larger sample instead of three tiny ones since they’re all variations on the same thing anyway.  Another nice but expensive cream that I’ll no doubt use up, but wouldn’t buy again.
  • Vapour Plumping Lip Gloss – .13 oz / $24 – (Product is full size)  LIP GLOSS!  I’m never disappointed with lip gloss since it’s one of the few makeup items I actually wear on a regular basis.  I don’t really feel like this plumps my lips at all (and I mean really at all, not even a bit), but the formula is nice, not heavily scented/flavored, not sticky, enough color without being too much.  The color I received was Mischief, a deep plum color.  If this is the only item I like out of the box, it still covers the cost!
  • Kahina Brightening Facial Serum – 30 mL / $72 – (3 packets at about 3  mL each, approx value of $24)  Another REALLY expensive product that I probably wouldn’t buy again.  I’m always dubious about claims like this, and with three tiny foil packets, I won’t really be able to tell if it works or not on discoloration from acne.  It’s a nice thing to try, but yet again, not something I’d buy because the price point is just too high for me, personally.
  • Bedrook & Bloom Smart Ash Teeth Whitener and Detoxifier – 32 g / $30 – (Product is 1 gram, value of $3)  I received this in the Kloverbox for August 2015 and didn’t like it AT ALL.  My teeth didn’t feel clean after using it, and there was charcoal mess EVERYWHERE.  In the sink, powder that poofed out when the little container was opened, dribbles on my clothes, gross gross gross.  It’s just completely impractical in this powder format to use.  I actually felt less clean and ‘detoxified’ after using this.  SUPER disappointed to see this in this box since this isn’t something I wanted or needed as indicated with my preferences.
  • Rafiki Health Bracelet – 1 bracelet / $10 – (Product is full size)  Okay, it’s a great cause – the bracelets are made in Kenya and one bracelet provides healthcare for one month to a child in a community overseas.  However, the bracelet color for Healthcare support is pink.  If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, you already know I hate pink.  LOATHE pink.  This is a complete waste for me, though I’m sure I can find someone who will like it.  The cause is worthy and I do like that, but  it’s just absolutely not me and I know I checked off “None” for pink on my survey.

The overall value is $74 which is on the higher end for this box.  In spite of the good value, I’m not really into it this month because the only thing I’m interested in is the lip gloss.  The other items are great (except for the ughpink bracelet and the Smart Ash), but not items I’d ever want to spend that kind of money on.  There are other products that cost less and are just as great, so I’m disappointed that all of these are all such high ticket items and there’s not better cost-variety if that makes sense.  When you take out the two items I have absolutely no interest in, the value only drops $13, so it’s still a great deal, but I’m just.. underwhelmed this time.  Last months box was, IMHO, far better!

Goodbeing (formerly Goodebox) January 2016


First Goodbeing box of the new year!  This arrived a few weeks ago, and I’m just getting around to blogging about it now (see?  Still behind, oops).  Goodbeing was formerly Goodebox and is going through a little rebranding, so for now I’ll include both names in my review posts for continuity’s sake.  Overall a pretty decent box!  There’s one product I had no interest in (the cold and sinus oil), but the rest are definitely things I’ll use.

  • Green Apple Age Defying Hand Cream – 2 oz / $12 – (Product is full size)  I never really buy into all those anti-aging claims products like this make.  Age is going to happen whether we like it or not, so throwing that out of the equation, this is still a great hand cream.  It’s thick and rich and sinks in immediately so it doesn’t feel greasy or sticky.  The scent is nothing to write home about since there’s not much of a scent at all, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing!  What’s best is that a teeny little bit goes a long way and works for a while, so the value is really rather incredible.
  • Curandera Remedies Kapalabati Cold and Sinus Oil – 1 oz / $25 – (Product is .5 oz, value of $12.50)  I didn’t like Vicks VapoRub growing up as a kid and this is basically the same idea, albeit all natural.  The scent, IMHO, is absolutely horrendous (FWIW, I didn’t like Vicks either).  I use neem oil to control aphids on my outdoor plants and the idea of rubbing it under my nose is just a HUGE turn off.  I’m all for natural remedies, but when I’m sick and need to breathe, I’m going to head for traditional medicine that works instead of a bunch of oils that smell bad and do nothing to actually unclog my sinuses and reduce the swelling and pressure.  It’s one of the few places I have to turn in my all-natural-hippie card, but I’m a HUGE baby when I’m sick and traditional medicine works.
  • Balanced Guru Face It Smoothly – 4 oz / $38 – (Travel size 1 oz is $10)  It’s an aloe based cleanser, so no foam.  It dispenses from the pump as a creamy liquid and smells a bit like mint and herbs though not in any sort of overpowering way.  A quick scrub over my face didn’t dry it out, but it almost didn’t feel like it was cleaning either since it doesn’t foam (that’s all in my head though, I’m sure).  It’s really pricey for 4 oz though and while it’s fun to try, especially as the trio of products in the box, it’s not something I love enough to buy again.
  • Balanced Guru Tone It Smoothly – 4 oz / $34 – (Travel size 1 oz is $9)  I’m not a huge fan of toners to begin with since they’re mostly alcohol based and dry out my already dry skin.  This one is Aloe and Alcohol based which, eh.  Not my thing.  It smells much the same as the Face It cleanser, but this product does feel drying though not AS drying as other alcohol based toners.  Again, just not my thing – I don’t get oily, so I really have no use for this kind of product, but again, it was nice to try as a matched set.
  • Balanced Guru Nourish Me Serum – 1 oz / $22.99 – (Product is full size)  This is right up my alley!  Younger me would’ve completely cringed at putting oil on my face, but older me with dry skin is LOVING this serum.  Again, it doesn’t have a really overpowering scent and just smells herbal and natural.  Two wee little drops covered my whole face without leaving it greasy.  The Argan and Jojoba oil base seems to be just what my dry face needs and even if it doesn’t slowdown and reduce the appearance of age, it’s still just about the perfect moisturizing serum for me.

The total value of the box comes to $66.49 which is on the upper end of average for this box.  Even if I’m not thrilled with the two Balanced Guru products, it’s really awesome to try them, and the serum covers the cost of the box anyway.  I’m a little bummed at the lack of variety in this one – it’s all body/face products and a health product I didn’t want  or  need since my preferences are set to “None” for the “Natural Medicines” category.  Even with that obvious mistake, I’m still rather pleased with the box and it’s mostly because of the serum.  As always, looking forward to next month!

Goodbeing (formerly GoodeBox) December 2015


December’s Goodbeing Box is here!  Note the name change – Goodebox is now Goodbeing, and the name change reflects an upcoming change in their structure which will include dedicated beauty, wellness, and lifestyle boxes.  Pretty excited to see what’s coming, but if the boxes continue to be this good, I’m sticking around!  I have to say that December’s box pretty much knocked my socks off.  The only item I’ll pass on is the nail polish which is way too hot pink for me, but the rest of it is absolutely spot on.

  • Red Flower Ocean Purifying Body Wash – 8 oz / $22 – (Product is 50mL, value of $4.65)  I’ll admit that I wasn’t sure about the scent having read the description.  Eucalyptus is one of those scents that’s totally off-putting for me – reminds me too much of those gross cough drops.  However, the other scents really come out on top of the eucalyptus in the end and make for an invigorating scent that’s great for a morning shower.  It doesn’t foam a whole lot, but all those oils make my skin feel really well moisturized at the end of a shower, so it’s a keeper!
  • Kumari Aroma Mist – 2 oz / $24 – (Product is 1 oz, value of $12)  WOW.  For the record, I really like musky, earthy sort of scents, and the scent label on this?  Earth.  Right up my alley.  It’s an interesting blend of cinnamon, jasmine, and citrus that I would’ve never thought worked well together, but my does it ever!  They all work together to make this warm, spicy  scent that is just pure magic on my skin.  I like that it’s light and not overpowering either, perfect for everyday use.
  • Graydon Superfood Mask + Scrub – 20 capsules / $39 – (Sample is 5 capsules, value of $9.75 – price is in CAD, so it comes out to $28.41 USD at the moment for 20 capsules or a value of $7.10 USD for the sample)  This is a really interesting way to deliver a mask.  Each ‘dose’ is placed inside a clear capsule.  The contents of the capsule are then added to water (or oil, honey, or yogurt) and used as a scrub or mask or both!  The capsule is supposed to help keep the ingredients fresh and I’d imagine it keeps them together better so you’re getting an even mixture every time.  It sounds great, in theory, until you find out the capsules aren’t incredibly willing to open, and you end up trying to cut one open while you have a tablespoon of honey in your palm.  After I got the capsule open and combined with the honey, it worked in a creamy mixture that was just enough to cover my face.  I left it on for about 5 minutes while it tingled on my face  and then washed it off.  It really did tingle while on my face and while I can’t say it did anything super spectacular, it did feel nice, and the results are less drying than a clay mask, so I like it as a nice treatment that isn’t too harsh.  There are apparently some tips and tricks on how to open the capsule on their blog here  that I wish I had found earlier!
  • Board and Batten Sugar Scrub – 4 oz / $36 – (Sample is 2 oz, value of $18)  This smells absolutely delightful.  It’s a thick paste sort of sugar scrub and the addition of Shea and Jojoba makes it moisturize as it scrubs.  I LOVE a good sugar scrub like this, and with the scent being so wonderful, it’s going to be a quick favorite.
  • Aila Nail Polish – .5 oz / $17 – (Product is full size)  I already love Aila nail polish, but I’m not a fan of the color provided here, Dr. Rosenbeaver.  I have a huge hatred of anything pink, and this is billed as a fuchsia polish with red glitter.  It’s a world of nope for me, but I’m sure I can find someone who will love it.  It’s a shame because I really do love Aila, but not pink.

The total value of the box is $58.75 which is about average for this box.  I don’t know why this one is sticking in my mind as being more amazing than some of the others.. it might be that the products all feel very luxury and suit me rather well.  Even without the polish, the box is still a great value and they’re products and brands I haven’t tried before which is always fun.